Prepare for Gage

MJ has created the home of Falcon’s Landing and if I could go to this place I would. She created a stunning backdrop to introduce us to Gage Falcon, Phoenix, and Mags. This short story is currently free and I highly recommend it before you get Hammered by her upcoming release.
There are so many cookie crumbs about Gage, I cannot wait to see where they lead. He is an honorable man and written much like her men of Steel. Note, you do not have to read the Men of Steel to read Falcon’s Landing. I just recommend you do because it is a touching series that is funny, serious, and full of love and steaminess. Gage is strong, protective, and truthful. He is abrupt in his delivery but tells it like it is. Phoenix has some secrets that I can’t wait for MJ to uncover. She is working towards a dream and a goal. I am interested to see if a theory I have will pan out in Hammered (I’ll let you know 😉). If MJ is a new author to you, this would be a great start to jump down the rabbit hole with her. It’s a wild ride, her live chats are hilarious and she is an author that one day I will meet in person.

So we meet Gage Falcon. What a meeting that was scorching and fun. Anyone who loves the Steel men need to read this before Hammered comes out. Phoenix was a great character and I cannot wait to see what happens as the story continues. Gage has an interesting quality about him. I have a feeling I’m going to love what he has gone through and what he will do to get Phoenix. Mags was a breath of fresh air. I laughed and can’t wait to hear more from her. The phone call with the men of Steel and Gage had me rolling. A great short novella by MJ.

Find MJ Here:

Grab the book:

Want to get ahead? Preorder Hammered now. I already have. It’s going to be epic. Prepare to get Hammered.


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