Heaven and Hell Collide

I met Haven at AITC, and didn’t get a picture. What’s up with that! Just means I have to stalk, I mean follow, well attend another signing to snag one with her 😎.

Where to begin on this story. I will tell you now it is a HEAVY read. Not in a bad way, just a lot of content, emotions, suspense, and questions. I kept messaging her to say I don’t like Gavyn, Archard is on that list too. They rub me the wrong way lol. I can’t explain it but I think because Haven made me so fiercely protective of Nevaeh that I didn’t trust them. They weren’t being honest. I’m sure when I read the second in the series I will understand SO much, but right now, I don’t like them.
Nevaeh has overcome so much to get to where she thinks is the start of a new beginning. Little does she know that new beginning is going to be vastly different from anything she could conjure. Abandoned on the streets she has the one person that loves her like no other, George. He becomes the father she never had and helps her as much as he can.
Gavyn takes a chance on George and Nevaeh and ends up falling for her. There is so much that he doesn’t know about her but at the same time he knows so much more. He drove me nuts with how he would distract her and not give a reply when needed.
Archard makes his appearance and you knew things were going to get interesting. There is a lot with him that I wanted answers on. SO much and I hope we get them in the second book.
Layla, yeah she’s a wild card. I have a theory on her, so we will see what happens but she could use a good head chopping.

I have a theory, might have to ask Haven about it but DON’T want to spoil for you all. Guess I could read the second one and find out if I’m right hehe. I will but I needed to unwind after the heaviness of it all. Haven is an author unlike any other I’ve read. She has such vivid imagery and descriptions throughout that you couldn’t help but feel you were Nevaeh and walking in her shoes. My stomach dropped at the end. This IS A CLIFFHANGER. Plus side, book 2 is out so you don’t have to wait to find answers. If you like paranormal twist on heaven and hell, good and evil, right and wrong, check this story out. It will have you faltering in your footing but enjoying the ride along the way.

It took me a bit to collect my thoughts to write this review. I am not sure what I was expecting when I read this story but I wasn’t expecting what Haven wrote. It was deep, heavy, thought-provoking, and consuming. I’m sitting at work and itching to read more in this story. I will first say if you are squeamish this might not be for you. Haven has a vivid imagery about her story that is unlike any I’ve read. You could see, smell, and in some cases taste what was happening to Nevah.
Nevah is an enigma of a character. She has so many puzzle pieces and not all the clues. It’s like slowly fitting together the story of her life into this one masterpiece. She tries to make sense of it all but only manages bits and pieces. Struggling with reality, heaven, he.., and who to trust she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.
Gavyn isn’t my fave. I’m OKAY with that. I love that an author can make me dislike or be leery of a character. I hope in the second we learn more about him, but I was very cautious towards him during the read. I’m not quite sure but he rubbed me the wrong way haha.
Archard was just as much a cautious character for me as Gavyn. I found myself not trusting or liking him either. I’m sure Haven will change this in the second for me but I’m loyal to Nevah and feel like she’s been misled by both characters.
I feel like I could go on, but the truth is this powerful read is something you have to check out for yourself. It will have you thinking, feeling, and screaming in the same page. I cannot wait to start the second one to see how it all ends. This is a cliffhanger so be warned but you don’t have to wait the second is out already.

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