Love at a Distance

From a Distance is my first story by LM Carr. I actually messaged her after she reached out to me to check this out because HOLY WOW! It was fast paced, emotional, lust filled, and heart wrenching all in one. This is the first street racing story I’ve read. I was surprised that I liked that aspect because it’s not normally the type of story I would go for.
While this was completely fast paced it was a good sized novel. There were lots of points to be covered and developments to be made. I had some surprises while reading, but honestly a majority of it was predictable for me. While it was predictable, it didn’t deter me from finishing. I wanted to see how LM made it all play out, and there was A LOT to have played out. There were also some points that I was confused and had to stop to go back and read a section two or three times. I was like HUH? (scratching head) Overall though, it was a good story that anyone who likes drama, suspense, surprises, love, heartache and more love should check it out.
Kerrie is a solid character. There were key things about her that I didn’t like, but it made for her personality and character development. She is stronger than she knows and when everything is put to the test, she preservers. LM made her grow but also not over night. You could see her character evolve as the story went on. I really liked that she wasn’t a stagnant character and that her evolution of herself wasn’t quick or unrealistic given all that she has to endure. This is one reason I will read another story. I love when the author can make me hate then love a character. It is fantastic when I get emotionally vested and want to be their number one cheerleader.
Tyler was a wild card for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect from him and was surprised by things that came to light as I read. There is so much more to be said about him but doing so would be a complete spoiler and I’m not that mean.
Alex was another wild card. He created so many surprises but he was also the predictability point for me. I guessed a lot that was going on with him.

Jam packed with excitement, I think any reader would enjoy this story in spite of the small areas of confusion and predictability. If you are looking for a dramatic suspenseful tale of love then check it out.

This was a rollercoaster of a fast paced ride. I’m not even sure where to begin. I think the biggest thing for me to give four stars was it was very predictable to me. I knew what was going to happen. Also some parts went by so quickly it was confusing and I had to go back and reread them. That said I think it was a good book and anyone that likes motorcycle racing, romance, drama and suspenseful surprises will like this book.
I liked how Kerrie grew through the novel. She really changed over the course of the story. It was done very well too. Some of her insecurities and issues didn’t just magically disappear. She still fought to overcome them even in the end.
Tyler was a surprising character. Once things were established we really got to see the true Tyler and what he had to battle with. There were some surprising moments from his life that I wasn’t expecting.
Alex well I called a lot of it from the get go with him. Some total angry moments with him. LM definitely wrote a character I loathed. Overall it is a good read and I will definitely be checking out more from LM.

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