Knowing Presence

Valarie Kinney is a new author for me. She reached out via email and sent me the blurb for her newest release. I read it over the weekend and holy crap I have questions, answers, more questions, and this burning need to know what the hell is going on.
Keisha is a character that has had a rough road in the past and I feel will have an even rougher road in the future. Her best friend Layla is the only family she considers she has even with her Mother and Mim (Grandma) alive. She has to rely on Layla and trust her to help catch her as she is falling. Keisha has this knowing that is dragging her down into the unknown with her expected child. She just knows it will all go wrong.
Layla is the total opposite of Keisha and brings her out of her shell. I REALLY want to know more about her and hope we get to see more of her in the next story. I feel like she has this bubbly personality but also uses it to cover up her own secrets.
Rogan comes stumbling in and becomes an important person to Keisha. There are a myriad of secrets in his life that we only get to touch the tip of the iceberg with.
I don’t want to spoil this story but I have a plethora of questions begging to be answered, and if I asked them here it would all be ruined for a new reader. There is a fast paced instalove feel but it doesn’t feel wrong as it evolves in the story. It actually takes months, but seemed instantaneous in some respects. I will warn you it ends abruptly in a contented for now place. It’s not quite a HFN in my opinion.

Overall story was a 4.5 stars for me but rounded up. I had so many questions, and I know the answers are coming but it’s abrupt ending didn’t really leave you happy, it left you saying what the heck?!?
This was a great introduction into the Secrets of Windy Springs series. We meet a myriad of characters that I speculate will have more involvement as the series goes on.
Keisha is pregnant and alone. She left her boyfriend and now is living with her only other friend Layla. Refusing to let her wallow or worry, Layla takes her to the renaissance fair where she encounters so many strange people. While strange she realizes that she is more at peace and feels safer than she has felt in a while.
Rogan portraying a troll comes into her life and is just what she needs. He has a strong presence and makes her feel protected, cherished, and loved. He has his own past that we get to dive into briefly but there is so much more that I feel we have yet to uncover. Both have similarities in their upbringing that led them to where they are now.
The supporting characters are entertaining, protective, and honorable. There is so much more to come with this series, but for now we are left waiting with a multitude of questions.
If you like fantasy romances, then check this story out. It’s different and unique to any I have read. I’m anxious to see how this all resolves and what the answers to some very important questions are.

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