Serial Murders

Switching gears, I snuggled back up to Laura Del’s Ghostly Murders series. This is the second novella in the series and was just as fun to read as the first. I am really enjoying these characters that she has created in this series and cannot wait to see where she takes them next. My Mom and I both are reading this series and it has been fun to chat about who we think the killer is and how we liked the book.
In this novella there is a serial killer on the loose. Samantha will have to pull out everything she can and even some things she doesn’t understand to catch the killer. I like how Laura has made Samantha evolve from the last story to this one. She isn’t a stagnant medium. All of our favorites are back from the first novella. Laura covered a lot on these secondary characters in a short time. We got to learn more about them and how they fit in Samantha’s life.
Mom and I both guessed the killer early on in the story. That said, we still wanted to see how it played out. While this was a good read, I found myself enjoying the first one much more than the second novella. There were also several spots in this one with errors that had both of us reading a paragraph again to make sure we got what was being said. All that aside, if you loved the first one, definitely check the second out. I cannot wait for more stories about Samantha and her team.

Samantha is back at crime solving and helping ghosts find their peace. This tale brought a serial killer into the mix. It was great to see the characters again and read about what’s been going on since the first one. Mark and Samantha’s relationship is great and I like how it moves along throughout the story yet stays the same. Lance her partner gets a bigger part in this novella. It was great to learn more about him and his wife Betty. Especially since they are like family to Samantha. Overall it was another fun read by this author. I did like the first more than this one but still enjoyed the cute read.

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