Fate of the Alphas

It pays off to sign up for newsletters on giveaways. This is how I came to be in possession of this shifter series. I had received the first two of this series through the newsletter for free. Well let me tell you, they both ended in such a cliffy that I went to look for the rest. To my delight the boxed set was on KU.
Lia is struggling and has all her life. She knows nothing about herself and the only home she has known is taken away from her. In a chance meet she encounters the Alpha’s of the Twin River pack. They have come to rescue her but she’s not sure that is the path she needs to take.
The Alpha’s are so vastly different and yet the same. How they handle Lia in their unique ways was exciting to read about. They both love her but have such differences in showing it, saying it, and how they feel it about it.
This tale had more surprises than a cracker jack box. There were twists and turns and unexpected outcomes that even I didn’t anticipate them all. Some you knew were coming, others you were reading and like “wait, WHAT……” Lily made this shifter series different from others I have read in my opinion. Most I’ve read were all about finding the mate and mating with some drama keeping them apart. This one had so much more packed into it that you didn’t feel like the mating was the primary point of the story. All in all it was a good read and when I’m caught up on some others, I want to check out more by her. If you like witches, shifters, romance, and cliffhanger type suspense then grab this boxed set.

Lily is a new author for me. I signed up for her newsletter from a giveaway and the rest is history. The newsletter gave a link to the first two in the series on Amazon to read. Well I blew through them and had to get the collection.
I can’t even say a lot because there is so much that it will spoil it for future readers. All the characters and the roles they played were written very well. The story moved at a quick pace which made me not want to close my kindle at all. There were some decent cliffies at the end of each book so definitely grab the collection.
Lia is a female that has such inner strength but low self esteem. When it comes down to it there is a battle internally and externally that will take everything she has. She falls in love with the shifter pack and especially the alphas. There are no means she won’t combat to protect those she loves.
If you like magic, shifters, and romance this book is for you.

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