The Beast and Brains

If you’ve been following my blog for a time you will know I’ve read the first four in this series. Alicia Montgomery is seriously becoming one of my favorite paranormal authors. This series is a wild ride and I cannot wait to see how it comes to an end. Because, like all good things, it will come to an end. I might get dust in my eye over it.
This is the story for Jade and Sebastian to find out if they are each others mate. How they get to that point is comical, gut wrenching, heart warming, and swoon worthy. We learn so much about Dr. Cross that we didn’t know. For most of the series she has been a background character making a bit more of an appearance in Lara’s story. Part her past, and thoughts were a mystery to everyone. My heart went out to her. She has such a personality that you want to be her friend and tell her she is strong, smart, beautiful, and awesome. She is hiding from so many things and Sebastian sees through it and brings her out in the open.
Sebastian is an enigma to the Lycan clan. That seen with Vrost. OOOOHHH it was like you knew his secret was going to be big. He wants to help them but also doesn’t like being kept in the dark. When Lara threatens him in the alley….I was giddy…it made me smile. When his deepest secrets were revealed I was all like:

I won’t post spoilers but if you read it, you have to come back and tell me you didn’t do an internal fist pump! I even messaged Alicia with my boisterous excitement over the revelations in the story.

After being vested in this series with the first four I couldn’t wait for the fifth to be released. It did not disappoint. The battle continues on as the Lycan try to end Stefan. On top of that Sebastian and Jade have to fight for what they want.
I can’t spoil this but there were so many points I was jumping up and down and saying YES!
I loved the battle internally that Jade had to overcome. She trusted in Lara and Meredith and how loyal they were to her was heart warming to witness.
Sebastian is an enigma and holy cow! I was so excited to find out his background. It was worth the wait.
If you’ve read the series then you know Alicia is a paranormal author force to be reckoned with. She has a spirit and passion that is emitted through the words on the page and storyline.

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If you’ve made it this far, make sure you check out the link in the back of her book for the goodies. They are scenes that didn’t make the final cut and some Christmas tales. Totally worth snatching up and reading!


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