Lucky and Love

Ashley is another author I met at AITC. Slowly but surely I’m making my way through the authors I met and their stories LOL. She was super nice and I enjoyed meeting her and getting to talk about her stories. I grabbed this one because it was a quick read and a new release. I definitely intend to check out some of her other works but was pleased I could read a story by her sooner rather than later.
This is a cute quick read with a HFN ending that will leave you smiling. There was a lot packed into this story with pasts, emotions, and life. Emily was trying so hard to escape her home but when her father needed her most, she made the choice to return. She was scared to hope, trust, and dream in the magic that happened at the stables.
Shane is trying to gain perspective in my opinion. He’s had some serious issues happen in the not so distant past that led him to take a break and try something new. He isn’t sure if this new adventure will work out or if it will all come crashing down like his past did.
Overall it’s a sweet story but I just needed a tad bit more to make it a 5 for me. It ended so abruptly that it was a HFN vs a HEA ending. This is completely my opinion, but an epilogue or just a final chapter might have helped to tie up whether it all works out or not. To me it was left open for the potential that it could go belly up.
I will still check out some more of this author’s stories because I know a short novella is different from a novel. Hopefully I will tackle it before the end of the year LOL. That TBR list just keeps growing.

This was a really cute story. It has some emotions but is mainly a light-hearted read. I really enjoyed it. Emily is reaching her dreams but has to come home and follow her journey from there. She is definitely guarded and skeptical after much heartache from her past. Shane waltzes into her life and he too is cynical and guarded that things can’t be good for him.
My biggest hitch was I just wanted some more. I really would have liked an epilogue or just a conclusion more than the HFN abrupt ending. Other than the hfn ending I really enjoyed the story. It was cute and fun and I will definitely check out another by this author.

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2 thoughts on “Lucky and Love

  1. mysweetretreat says:

    Thank you so much for the review! It was great meeting you and talking with you at AITC. I am really happy to hear you want more of Shane and Emily because their story continues in book 4 of the Southern Rock Lyrics series, Simple Man, which release in July 2017! ❤

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