Aura of Love

Another author I virtually met in the Booksurfer Blog on FB. We immediately virtually hit it off having WAY too many things in common right off the bat LOL. She is a sweet person and every time we get to chat virtually I smile and have fun.
Widower’s Aura is a tale about Sophia and Noah. They both have some heavy things hiding behind the closed doors of their past. It takes a lot on both of their parts to open up to each other and accept what fate has handed them.
Sophia came to St. Fleur, the imaginary town outside of New Orleans, to get away from the big city and ghosts that haunt her past. We don’t find out about those until much later in the book and it kept you on your toes as her secrets were revealed. She has a special gift and has to guard it and learn who she can trust and not trust.
Noah has one priority and that is keeping what is left of his family. He changes towns and his job to try to provide stability. He is hesitant to take a chance and feels that fate couldn’t be that kind to him after what he let happen.
There were mini easter eggs in this story that lead you to wanting to grab the second book. I’m excited to see what happens in the future with the secondary characters and see what is happening in Sophia and Noah’s life.
This is a refreshing contemporary romance. There is minimal drama and suspense. Mainly it is light-hearted with a small bit of mystical properties in it. AJ told the story in a clear way and it kept me turning the page. I enjoyed her writing style and the way she painted her characters in the novel. If you like contemporary romances, then grab this one. There is no cheating, and a HEA for the H & h.

This is my first read by this author but certainly not my last. I really enjoyed the journey into the town of St. Fleur and meeting its residents.
Sophia came to St. Fleur to start a new. She has found her niche and friends she calls family. Her world is rocked when she meets Noah and Lexi. Little does she realize in the beginning just how much they would rock it.
Noah didn’t know what to do but Sophia was becoming an obsession. He is strong and fiercely protective of those he loves.
The secondary characters are just as fabulous and the leads. I cannot wait to see where their stories lead. I found myself becoming vested in this imaginary world. I couldn’t put the book down and loved the refreshing vibrancy of this author.

Find AJ Renee here (I already stalk her in a loving way):

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