Corrupted Love

I was lucky to have the chance to meet Alexis at AITC in March. She is a wonderful person and was very fun to chat with. My first story by her was Kiss My Crown. It was a hilarious read and while the review is short, you can find it here. Anyway, Alexis was fun to chat with and while I thought I had read her MC I was wrong. Not sure what took me so long, but I finally got to it.

The title was very fitting for this tale and played into the growth of Lucy in her new situation as well as her old one. I found how Alexis had her grow throughout was satisfying as a reader but I would have liked a little bit more with her character towards the end. I do appreciate how she made it come full circle at the end but needed that extra chapter or two to fully feel some closure. This said, they might get some mentions in the second story so we know what’s happening with them but as of the end of the first I was left with questions. I did however stand up and cheer with Lucy helping karma get hers.
The brotherly banter that was created had me laughing during the dialogue. You could imagine the scenes playing out like a movie. Where Jordan got his road name had me rolling. I was thinking, yeah that’s brothers for you. I thought he had the patience of a saint. I was missing a little more about him though. We got some history but we were very inundated with Lucy that he fell by the wayside at times. I was proud of how Alexis made Jordan overcome their issues. It was handled well but again just a touch more at the end would have been icing on the cake.
Overall if you are looking for a quick MC read with a happy for now ending, then check out Corrupted.

I struggled with a star rating for this. I really like the author’s style of writing and how she told the story. My hang up came in the form of unresolved issues for me. I just had so many questions about Jordan and Lucy at the end. I don’t want to spoil it but I felt left hanging. Lucy is young when she is discovered by the MC. She was corrupted by her family and had to adjust to a new form of corruption. While she struggles to move on one constant remains in her life, Jordan. He is her rock in the sea of pain and despair. Jordan didn’t know what he was getting himself in to when he saved Lucy. Little did he know it would be life changing. This was very predictable for me and I really wanted more. I felt like a few more chapters would’ve closed it up perfectly.

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