Ghostly Story

I virtually met Laura Del in the Booksurfer Blog group, check it out if you’re on FB. Seeing the novella was on KU, I shuffled some things around and was able to check it out. This novella was a quick read for me and I finished in about an hour.
I enjoyed Laura’s writing style and storytelling. This is not a romance novel (I do branch out sometimes 😉) but a mystery, suspense tale. It is fast moving which I reveled in. While introducing the characters and back story, the novella flowed so there wasn’t any downtime. It reminded me some of the TV show Medium but at the same time was unique and refreshing. I put in my review that I didn’t know who did it. I really like when I’m stumped in a mystery story. Sometimes they seem too predictable for me. I had a suspicion behind who I thought it was and why they did it. I was WAY off. Like left field foul ball instead of a grand slam. If you don’t mind the supernatural component and love murder mysteries, then I recommend this read to you. I am already looking at getting the second in the series.

This was a great intro into Sam Davidson’s world. She is a medium and the ghosts come to her for help. So do the police. I gave this a 5 for several reasons. First I didn’t know who did it by the end and second it was fast moving and a good read.
There was humor in certain parts but also serious undertones when necessary. Sam has a sense of humor that is unlike any character I’ve read. I cannot wait to see what’s next for her. Mark was a surprising character for me and I hope we see more with them as they grow throughout the series.
If you like murder mysteries with a small supernatural twist then I highly recommend this story. It took about an hour to read and was a great way to be introduced to this author.

Meet Laura Del:

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