Tale within a tale

I want to hug MJ & Chelsea. If they could do one thing right by the readers it was give us this extra little something something. They took the story Tatum was writing in Use Me and brought it to life in a novella. This blog post will be quick because the story can be read in under an hour.
Annie is the fictional character created by Tatum. Bending truth to make it work, we get to read Annie’s journey to find love.
Jonathan started out in Tatum’s image but Angelo quickly took over writing what he wanted and felt. He finally realized what he wanted and Annie was his HEA.

You don’t need to read Use Me to read Breathe again but I think everyone should. How awesome of these authors to actually give us the romantic story written by Tatum! So lucky 😊💖
I’m rating this solely based on it and not comparing to other stories. It is meant to be the tale of Annie and Jonathan as Tatum and Angelo wrote it. Seeing the whole story pieced together was fantastic as a reader. You try to imagine it in your head but to have them go the extra mile and give it to us just made me smile. These authors go above and beyond with their stories. I have not been disappointed yet. The writing is fantastic and the happy endings deliciously sweet.

Find MJ here:

We all know I already stalk…I mean follow Chelsea but find her here if you don’t:

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