Get Used

I didn’t even realize I was waiting for this story. The Caldwell Brothers series is unique and refreshing. Each character has their flaws to overcome and it only ends up sweeter in the end. Kid has his shot at finding true happiness and I’m so excited they chose to write about him next.
Angelo (Kid) was taken in by Shaw and when he left, Angelo felt alone all over again trying hard to survive in the sea of his regret. He was drowning and just doing what was needed to get by. There was no living, only surviving. No breathing, just inhaling, holding, waiting for it to come crashing down.
Tatum blows into Detroit like a whirlwind of contradictions. She’s smart and funny yet guarded and quiet. It all starts with coffee one day which leads to her consumed with the need to feel.
I really disliked Melanie in here but at the same time I feel like she did this on purpose to help Tatum. She is a hard ass who only wants what is best for her friend. The reality is when the best thing happens she isn’t so sure Tatum should grab it. And before you go hating me because I disliked a character, know for me it’s a great thing. When an author (authors in this case) can make me feel that way about a character, I LOVE it. They pulled emotion from me that I don’t always get. Melanie came around but she still was the unlikable BFF for me.

Even when truths are laid bare, they both fight the inevitable and suffocate until they realize that only with each other can they breathe again. They used the best qualities each had to offer and brought out a bond that is strong and unbreakable. My review is short, but there was so much I didn’t want to put in it. I hate spoiling the story, but hope you will check it out and love it as much as I did. You do not need to read the others prior to Kid’s tale, but I encourage you to do so. It is a moving series and brings forth raw, real, passionate love, faith, and happiness.

While this story is all about using each other for a means to an end, I think they both learned to breathe again. They learned to let go of it all to trust in each other and their solid foundation that was built without them knowing.
Holy cow these characters. When MJ and Chelsea write together they pull your emotions in a way that you root and cheer for everyone. I was swooning and fighting for Kid even before I knew his story. Then Tatum’s story came out and I just wanted to root for her to find that happy ending.
I recommend this to those that love the Caldwell series and are as vested as I am. It’s also recommended to those that are just discovering the world in Detroit and are looking to get lost in a romance.

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