Angel in the MC

What a debut breakout by a sacred sister. I found this from her IG page and figured checking it out would be fun.
She has started a killer plot that has me excited to find out the resolution. It begins with Angel making plans and changing things up to come to the US with her two kids. She is a tattoo artist and has a secret past that I don’t want to spoil but makes her kick ass. She falls in love with writing to an inmate. From there it is a flurry of activity and emotions as feuds inside and outside threaten to divid the family Angel is working to create.
Rage and the Canyon Devils are in for a shocker when he claims Angel. There were a lot of points where I was smirking and laughing at the VP and Res’ interaction with Angel and her smart mouth 😏.
There are some differences in Angel speaking in non-American English but it wasn’t enough to be confused at all. It made me chuckle when she would get fired up and you could tell that her accent was taking over. Each interaction with her Uncle, children, and the MC brothers. I don’t want to spoil because so many things collide into the plot that I feel divulging even the tiniest bit would be a spoiler.
It was a very fast paced read and moved. I will say I wasn’t bored but at some points had a hard time keeping up with what was going on. Between that and some proofing errors that made this a 4 star for me. That aside, I see so much potential in the plot, future stories, and author. She definitely is making a mark on the MC genre with a fresh new style.

This was a whirlwind of a tale. It was fast paced and moved quickly. I liked the story and will definitely see what’s next. Part of the problem for me was the story was so fast at times I had a hard time keeping up and following along. There were a few places with wording and editing that was off. Those are the main points for the four stars.
Angel is a heck of a character. She’s got passion, depth, and fight. She has a heart of gold surrounded by steel sharpened knives.
Rage comes crashing in her world and changes things up. He didn’t know how much she would shake his world and his MC.
Princess is going to be an exciting character to watch grow in the next story. I’m excited to see where it all goes and what happens as the MC’s come to terms with Angel’s family.
Overall this is a good debut novel for this author. It was enjoyable how she brought about traveling across the pond to the US. It made for a different spin on an MC read. She covered the plot well and left you hanging but not in a bad way. It left you wanting more.


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