Bound by Ravage


What a ride! The next generation has rode in and is making a name for themselves. Ryan blew any expectation I had (which was high btw) out of the water. She did more justice to the Ravage family than a loyal fan could ask for.
I don’t even know where to begin in the telling of my experience reading this novel. It was consumed and engrained in my memory in a way that had me wanting to read all of Ravage MC and Bound over again.
The original Ravage made their appearances in Bound and it was great to see how it all worked out as the kids aged. We got to see Cooper’s take on what went down in his life and how he became a brother. Revealing his thoughts and recollection of what happened had me wanting to go back and let Princess kick ass all over again. He has a vulnerable side that he kept hidden from everyone. When Bristyl comes waltzing in his life, he opens up for the first time in a way that has him digging deep in thought.
Bristyl has an inner strength that even she doesn’t realize it’s full potential. She has to dig deep when things turn in a shocking way. Never really fitting anywhere she realizes that Cooper is the only place she will fit. My favorite line from this story was:

“Say this won’t be the last time I see you. Say that we’ll meet each other again. Maybe in a different life or something. Just don’t say this is the end when I feel like it’s just the beginning.”

Princess while having a small role owned it like a boss and you knew she would even as she aged (don’t tell her she aged). Pops and Ma are still around and watching their dysfunctional family grow and strengthen with the new generation. Rhys, Dagger, Buzz, GT, and all the others have brief mentions. Deke is going to be a wild card and is the next in this series. I’m sure Ryan has cooked up something to take us to the end only to bring us back to being bound by Ravage. There are so many more characters to mention and personally I recommend grabbing the book and meeting the next generation while keeping strong ties to the family.

If you haven’t heard of Ravage before, I highly recommend you check them out. That said you don’t need to read them in order to get bound by them in this story. Bound can be read first and you won’t be lost as a reader. Below is my review of this wicked ride to becoming bound together.

Ravage came back in with a loud rumble and ground shaking pipes. I was so excited to hear Ryan was writing the next generation. She certainly didn’t disappoint.
Cooper is making his mark on the Ravage MC world. Using all he’s garnered from his Mom and Dad and Pops, he’s hoping to protect his family and provide. He doesn’t know how to handle what fate lands in his lap. When he meets Bristyl she rocks his world but sets it right in the same breath.
Cooper fights for it all and shows great leadership and potential to rise in the world of Ravage. Bristyl finds herself in a predicament she would’ve never expected. She has to throw trust into an MC she hardly knows. When it gets rough she has a fortitude that comes through never giving up the fight.
Princess is back! Man I loved her and I’m glad she hasn’t changed. It was great to catch up on the entire MC. I don’t want to spoil but there are some shocker moments that will leave you reflecting on this family as everything changes.

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