For Me?

I told you I’d be back to reading another Abbie Zanders story. This novella was dream worthy. I couldn’t stop reading this romantic novella. Abbie wrote a world where you wanted to be the leading lady and she has you falling for the male from the very first encounter. Reading the story you will want to say is he just for me?
Kat is a shy girl and has a past that we learn about as the tale moves along. Because it wasn’t a full novel, we don’t dive deep into her divulging the past to Nick. Part of me wishes it had been covered, but the other part enjoyed this for what it was, a quick novella. She is a loner and some of that is by choice but I feel more like it’s by circumstance. When Nick rocks her world, she finds a family ready to welcome her in their fold.
Nick has secrets and worries that his muse, Kat, won’t accept them. He lives in his head going through the motions of day to day interaction. I was chuckling for parts where he could write it better than he could do it in real life, and the sibling interaction. Both things had me smiling and laughing as you could feel the embarrassment, love, and sibling bond shine through.
I would recommend this to anyone who wants a quick sweet romance read. It all stays PG which didn’t bother me at all. While the whole thing moves SUPER fast (it is insta attraction) they don’t and I really liked that. Abbie made it very realistic in that HEA sense. You get a HFN that is perfect with the timeline and she leaves me wanting to pull more of this story from her brain.
I don’t want to spoil but the biggest swoon moment was the dedication. I was that heart eyed emoji reading it and if that didn’t make you love Nick as a character, I don’t know what would.
Nonno and Nonna are fun book grandparents and their meddling ways will have you giggling like a school girl. I hope we see more from this family Abbie created because the siblings need to find love too. 😉
Grab a coffee, snuggle up in a comfy chair and read this novella.

This book was romantic, sweet, and perfect. I couldn’t put it down and in about an hours time had finished it. I hope there is more stories in the future about the Cerasino family.
Kat had me from the beginning. With her whimsical ways and dreamer personality. She is such a genuine girl and nice to everyone. Her fantasy comes to life in a way she never imagined possible.
Nick found his muse and wants her to know she’s his everything. Finding out he comes from a big boisterous Italian family who will stop at nothing for his happiness is hilarious. The scenes where the family is together had me chuckling and giggling. They are nosy and mean well. He doesn’t know how to react when muse never shows to his signing. Once he finds out why he stops at nothing to show her he is hers.
Abbie wrote a sweet love story. The plot was closed to a HFN point that I liked but she wrote it so well I am wanting so much more!! You will be swooning the entire time and wanting this bookstore fantasy to come to life for yourself.

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