Demons and Angels

I love when I find new to me authors. This author reached out to me and I got a sneak peak at her story before it released. Can I say WOW! It was an interesting journey into the world of demons and angels which was a first for me. I love paranormal but had yet to explore a story about angels and demons.
I will put out the warning now that this tale continues into the next novel. There isn’t a cliffy at the end, but a HFN point with the main characters. I’m actually glad it was split up because the amount of background data and storyline to cover Thea and Cam would be too long and taxing (IMO) to have just one book. Not knowing where it will go minus the brief sneak peak of the next book, it ended at a point that left me the reader satisfied.
Thea doesn’t know a lot about where she came from and is thrust into this new world where angels and demons are real and fighting. Developing strengths she didn’t know she had, she will have to overcome her internal weaknesses to have a shot at eternal love.
The dynamics of the H and h play well off of each other. The heroine isn’t someone that you can just expect to fall over and go along with everything. Zoey made a really strong female out of Thea and I’m excited to watch her grow throughout the series. She is flawed and I fear that it will cause more harm before she turns those flaws into strengths. Cam had his moments where you really wanted to smack his smugness off his face. I’m worried what will happen in the next story with him. He had such a vulnerability about him that was hidden behind a huge mask. I felt he let that vulnerability show to Thea and that it will come back to bite him. Once that happens I fear how he will turn and what it will take for him to see the light, love and strength he has in and with Thea. I’m hoping we learn so much more about her past. I have so many questions. Will definitely preorder the next in the series.
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This is a new author for me. I am excited that I found her and fell in love with her unique paranormal story. This was also my first paranormal about angels and demons and it didn’t disappoint. The plot was well developed in my opinion. It covered the Earth realm and how demons and angels both interact with human’s. There is a battle going on that we on Earth have no idea the precarious balance that can tip either way.
Elithea is the heroine in the story. Thea for short. She is fiercely loyal to her only family her best friend Amber. I really hope we get more into her past because there were cookie crumbs that left clues but also questions. I know this is a series so I hope we find some answers on what makes Thea so special for a Nephilim. Thea has been burned in her personal life and when Camael is sent her as his assignment the wariness doesn’t change. She has to overcome a lot of personal scars to begin to trust and even then she is leery of the new found intensity she has with Cam. I thought for the character’s age, she was portrayed very well. Yes you wanted to smack her sometimes, but I wanted to smack Cam as well. She felt real and relatable in some personal areas for me.
Cam is assigned Thea. I found it interesting how much at war this angel was with himself. His friend Zak had to wake him up so to speak. I liked the wisdom and guidance Zak gave. Cam struggles so much and I think he and Thea had more in common personally and emotionally than they would ever admit.
For this being the opening story, it kept my attention and has made me want the second one. I cannot wait to see how the plots play out. I will say this is a small cliffy. It’s more of a happy for now because you know there is an impending storm. This story flowed and crescendoed and came to a conclusion that will leave you saying what next.
I am always happy to find unique and different paranormal stories. This one had a background with angels and demons being involved in everyday human lives, how different ethereal beings come to be, and why we aren’t in a utopia society. The authors take on all this was refreshing and new. I’m definitely adding the second to by TBR list as soon as possible.

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