Sex on the Beach

Layla is back and with a cute, funny, instalove tale that will have you swooning. Even better ladies, he has a beard 😎. This duet starts out with a shot at love, we will have to wait for it’s partner to be released. We are back at the beach where the air is warm and the beach wind blows.


We meet Josh working in a bar. He is a strong and has a level head. He is genuinely a good guy that cares about the people he loves and considers family. I think one of the things I really liked about him was his ability to make people laugh and just enjoy the moments in life. He falls in love quickly with Annette and it all starts with the request for sex on the beach.
Annette is running and taking a break from the hustle and bustle of a big city. She is efficient and smart running her own business. When she knocks heads with Josh, she is flustered and momentarily stunned. Taking a huge chance she agrees to go out on a date with Josh. Little does she know the hustle and bustle she ran to get away from comes back.
I had a lot of fun reading this story. There was drama but it wasn’t dark and suspenseful. This is a fun read that will have you laughing as the H/h come together.

Layla is at it again only this time it is a cute, funny, instalove HEA story. A shot at love gives you just that, a shot, and some love. I enjoyed the humor of this story and found myself giggling as it went along. There were some really great swoon worthy lines and if I was a great reader I would have highlighted them. I always forget in the heat of the reading moment.
Josh is shocked when he finds a girl he is smitten with almost immediately. He does everything he can to win Annette’s heart over and show her the love that she deserves. He is funny and makes her laugh which I found enjoyable. It was nice to see a strong male character have a sense of humor and a soft side.
Annette is trying to establish her company in the beach town. She didn’t expect to meet a man like Josh. I think at first she is taken aback by how he is but quickly realizes that he gives her something she’s missing. She goes on a journey with Josh and gets to laugh, relax, and love.
The side characters we meet are just as enjoyable as the leads. They fit in the story perfectly and all help to give Josh and Annette their HEA.
As I said above, this is a fast paced love story. There are many swoon worthy moments as well as laughable ones. If you are looking for a feel good book with sweet romance then I would recommend this to you. There is some drama but no dark suspense. I cannot wait for the second in this series.

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