Alpha’s Secret

Jessie Lane is an author I enjoy reading. I have been seeing on twitter that this new story was live. It is a short novella that still packs a punch. She’s packed in a lot of story in a short time. I liked how she made time flow in it as well. It was clear and easy to follow along and didn’t feel like you missed anything. It made the progression of their romance work and bring you to a HEA. This is the first I’ve read of the Howl’s romance series. You definitely don’t have to read the others to read this one.
There was some predictability in the story and I guessed some things that would occur however, that did not stop me from reading about Stone and Dia. I felt like the Princess Bride with “as you wish” being said and it was done in a way that made you giggle, roll your eyes, and swoon all throughout the story.
One thing I enjoyed was the characters inner dialogue. Especially when Dia or Stone said they couldn’t explain why but whatever decision they made would impact the rest of their lives. It felt magical and like their journey was already predetermined. My heart hurt reading this in certain spots. You knew there would be a defining moment for them to overcome but oh how sad it was. Jessie wrote it in a way that made the ending all the more sweeter because you really wanted to root and cheer for them to get there HEA.
While the main focus was Dia and Stone coming together, we got to meet several secondary characters and have a story of their daily lives and Alpha responsibilities shown. All the parts fit together in a way that wanted me to find the author and have her write more. I was vested in their lives and story, not wanting it to end.
Best secondary character for me was the alpha Mom. Oh there was a part where I was giddy and smiling thinking “you’re gonna get it”. She was a force and helped karma serve up her revenge.

One of my favorite lines was:
“Would it be terribly wrong if she gave in to the temptation and asked him to eat her?”
It had me saying it’s about to get steamy in here, and she wants the big bad wolf to come out to play.

Sneaky Jessie left one subplot open and a note at the end. This only makes me happy to know there will be another story by her. I have a feeling it will be just as good as this one. So as you wish, my review is below. ☺️

I enjoy this authors writing and when I saw she had a short story shifter romance I had to jump on it. This was quick quick instalove but jam packed with so much story it was very enjoyable to read.
Dia is new to the area. She is trying to be her own independent person and takes over a hair salon. Little does she know the choices she makes will carve out her HEA. She has to trust in Stone and all that he is to take care of her.
Stone is broody and moody most of the time. I love how he tries to win over Dia and make her his forever. He stops at nothing to keep her safe and in his arms but fate takes them through troubled waters. He is like a live wire going to snap when he can’t be there for her.
That last part where he’s standing outside was perfect and you just wanted to have happy tears with lots of awe’s being said.
The alpha Mom was a great character. I was all happy because I kept thinking karma’s gonna get her turn.
I enjoyed how it ended and that there was the notion from Jessie there would be more to this story.
If you like shifters, check this short story out. I read it in about an hour. It has a good plot and time movement through out is clear. She closed up the plots only leaving you with a little niggling feeling that something more could come from the rat. 😊

Find Jessie Lane here:

Find the book (free on KU) here:


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