Busy busy busy

So things have been extremely busy for me this month. My real job is getting to crunch time. Just wanted to put a post out there because I might not be getting a review post up every day. I have some authors that I’m following and am participating in cover reveals, chapter reveals, new release posts, etc. I don’t do too many of these because quite frankly work takes precedence and I want to promote books/authors I love to read but also keep my reviews going.
I have entered back into the realm of FB land. I am hoping in April to get a page up on there to be linked with my blog. It might happen in April but it might be May. It honestly all depends on my work and what’s transpiring there. I also have some personal goals for my blog page that I’d like to have up and running by the end of May.
I’ve recently had several ARC’s and proofing to do which has also delayed me posting some reviews. I’m waiting to post two until their books go live. I’m excited to share them and hope you will come back and check them out once they’ve released.
Family time is crazy with Easter approaching and hubs and I are trying to get spring cleaning of the house underway. LM is ecstatic that it is FINALLY warming up outside. He spent all evening playing outside last night. His construction crew made a road in my rocks surrounding my patio paver foot stones LOL. Good kid though because he put the rocks back in order when he was done. 😊
Just wanted to post a little update but no worries there will still be lots of reading and reviewing on my part. Goodreads has said I’ve read 72 books this year. My goal is 200 and I’m ahead of the game. I have several new reads I’m excited to dive in to and hope to begin those after tomorrow. Below are the top 5 showing on my kindle. I sort it by newest addition to my kindle not by author. Picking what’s next is as random as going Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo.

On my TBR list presently is:
Bound by Family – Ryan Michele
Intertwined: A Redemption Novel – Sasha Brümmer
Widower’s Aura – AJ Renee
Ghosts Among Men – Laura Del
Against the Wall – Julie Prestsater
and many many more.

Have a great day I’m going to get ready for the real job now.

Peace out girl scouts……


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