Billionaire in Love

After my last few reads, I needed something with hearts and flowers and love. Perusing the stories shared on FB (that’s right, I’m back on there) I found the Billionaire and the Virgin by Bella Love-Wins. It was on KU, the blurb sounded cute, and I figured why not give it a try.
It turned out to be a very cute read that I enjoyed. I finished it in less than an hour which was nice. If you are looking for a short read that is sweet and has a HEA check it out.
Overall given how the story was so short, Bella managed to pack a lot in it about the characters. They had good development for what the novella was. We actually garnered quite a bit about Dahlia, her likes, past, and values. We also found out that Jackson needed someone like her to come in and knock him on his ass.
Dahlia is puppy sitting and I loved that these four legged companions were an integral part of Jackson and Dahlia coming together. They added a sweet factor, but a funny one at the same time. Her in the park with the dogs was hilarious. I really enjoyed how they always knew where to take her.
Jackson comes off as someone who doesn’t like the dogs but secretly I think after the first time meeting Dahlia, he wants them to keep harassing him to see her. He was sweet in the end and completely swoon worthy moments on how he makes her HEA come to life.
I did wish we got to know the outcome of things for his brother and Rose (two different issues). I know they were sub characters, but Emily got her brief mention for a conclusion. Below is my review and if you like hearts, puppy kisses, romance, and HEA, pick up this short read today.

This was a first by this author for me. It was a cute quick read. The story ended at 32% in for me. I didn’t read the other freebies at the end so this review is only about the main novella.
Dahlia is trying to get her footing in a big city. She’s a country girl with a love for puppies. I like how she was portrayed as innocent but smart at the same time. She was a responsible 19 year old which was refreshing to read about. She doesn’t know what to do when Jackson sets his sights on her but little does she know it will lead to romance.
Jackson is arrogant and a jerk. I think Dahlia’s attitude knocks him down a few pegs which was good. I feel the night he tries to collect on the outlandish debt he accuses her of is his point of realizing she’s more than a lay.
The dogs were hilarious in this story. They knew just what to do and I found myself chuckling at the mental image Bella created.
I did wonder what happened with his brother and with her roommate Rose. We got a brief mention of Emily and it was great for closing up a subplot. I just wish we had one on the others as well.
Overall this was a cute short read. It was enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet HEA read.

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