Replacing the Ace

This was a story I found from twitter and from the blurb it sounded like a read my husband and I would both enjoy. He actually read it before me as I was elbow deep in two ARC’s and we had LM sick with strep. I finally settled in to begin this book this past week and between real life duties finished it up this morning. As we went on our date day to have some yummy german food, we discussed the book we both read. Below is our take on it and the review is combined from our thoughts.
Well I guessed who it was 20% in and hubby guessed later. I giggled at this and we had fun poking at each other about who did it. As we discussed it, we both commented on the descriptiveness of the writing Jason used. It was very vivid and he left not even the slightest detail untouched. This made for a riveting read once you get past the backstory and initial development of characters. Each chapter pealed back another layer into this dark morbid tale of murder and mayhem.
One thing I will note is I was PO’d at the epilogue. In my opinion it left a lot hanging and wasn’t a happy one. I completely understand the fact to be real and raw, but this left me feeling like it was dark and depressing. I’m not sure hubby’s reaction was as big of an upset as mine, but he did comment that it was different.
We really enjoyed tackling this story together and discussing it. The murder suspense had some moments of love, humor, and honesty that humbled you and broke up some very tense moments.

This story was a twisted suspense. It was a tale that both my husband and I read together. My biggest hang ups on the main guy Patrick and his Dad, Claire and Patrick at the end, and the dreams. The first half was also slow for us to read. We both agreed that it picked up tremendously after part 2. While it was a 4 we did both say we would recommend this to someone else as a good read.
I was more ticked off by the ending than my hubs but I just felt like it was darker than anticipated.
Patrick is a cop that had to leave the NYPD and landed a job as a detective in a different county. He goes on a life altering journey that leaves him so haunted he shuns help to spiral in the dark (at least that’s how it left me felling with him).
Claire is a saint and stabilizes Patrick. She brings a grounding and while there was no telling her side of thinking in some areas you realize through Patrick how she is the light in his dark soul.
The secondary characters add to the humor, sadness, psychotic chaos and sobering realities.
Hubby and I also felt the detail at which the author told every nuance and murder was top notch. You could’ve been standing in Patrick’s shoes the whole time. Baby Tooth was a wild card. I was surprised how all that played out and found his addition to the story broke up more serious moments.
Overall this was a good read. The plots were closed up, maybe not in a happy way, but closed to a conclusion. I would recommend this to anyone that liked murder suspense reads with a note that it is extremely graphic and there are some crime scenes that are more gruesome than real life.

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