Alpha Wolf

Signing up for Emilia Hartley’s newsletter included a free story. I haven’t been able to find where you can buy this story outside of receiving it, so my link will be for goodreads at the bottom.
Enjoying my paranormal kick, I read this book yesterday. It took less than two hours to complete the novella. At first when I began reading I thought how the story really mirrored Romeo and Juliet. Then I wasn’t even sure I wanted to read the story in fear that the main characters would die like Romeo and Juliet did. (Thankfully that doesn’t happen)

I found the story interesting but was left wanting more with certain aspects. There is novel following this novella and maybe the answers are in there, but for me as a reader, a little closure on some key points were missed. Alex even though he’s the male has the strained relationship while Tess can do no wrong. I wanted to know how that resolved hoping there was some understanding or acceptance for him.
In the short story, Emilia packed in a lot of information. She developed the characters and it flowed through a good timeline. All that occurs seems to take place within the span of a week but didn’t feel rushed at all. If you want to explore this author, sign up for her newsletter and check this out.

I received this story when I signed up for Emilia’s newsletter. This novella was action packed. I almost felt like this was a little Romeo and Julietish. The lovers Connor and Tess are from feuding families that have been against each other for a long time. We don’t ever really find out what the feud was about except that it was two old stubborn wolves keeping it alive.
Both Tess and Connor were well developed characters for the short read. Tess’ brother Alex is also an important person in the story. Both father’s are stubborn, mean, ruthless, and caring. They are Alpha’s after all and only want what’s best for their pack.
When both packs come under attack by an enemy, the wolves stop at nothing to protect their family. They must put aside differences and come together to snuff out the enemy.
I was surprised by the ending but not in a bad way. You knew the battle would be hard, and Emilia ended it well.
I was a little lost about Alex and his relationship with the Alpha. I would’ve liked more resolution with that. I know it’s a novella, but it was a big point in there, that I wanted to know how it ended. Also the enemy, why the attack? Even a foreshadowing about it would have helped. You don’t know why they are attacking.
Overall this short read took me under two hours to read. I think it was a perfect glimpse into the style of writing by the author.

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