Unexpected Mate

Lilly told me this story is FREE. Did you hear that people? You can grab this story for free except on Amazon because they are slow but it’s 99 pennies! I mean that’s a steal. This is the prequel to An Unexpected Bonding. The review of that is here. This one is a short story and shows Numito Romero and how Juno and Livvie came about. Also it shows the love and loss Numito suffered.
While reading this I reached out to Lilly and said – here just take my heart 💔 – if you’ve read Unexpected Bonding you know what’s going to happen but it doesn’t make it any easier. All that said, you do NOT need to read An Unexpected Bonding first. You can totally read this one first and then jump into An Unexpected Bonding.

While it is a short story it does not lack the impact. You can appreciate the characters and it will make you want more from the pack. For me the joy came from learning more about Numito and what all had happened to make him the father and Alpha he is. Check out my review below and grab your copy today.

So this review is shorter than my one for An Unexpected Bonding. Having read that first, I will honestly say you don’t have to read it before you snag this book up. This story had twists and turns, heartaches and happiness. I laughed at certain points and felt like the author ripped my heart out in others.
She has a way with words and this story captures the Alpha Numito Romero and his journey with love and mates. It shows Julio and Livvie as kids growing up and provides more detail into their past. I found the authors seamless movement through time progression easy to read. You didn’t feel lost or that a certain spot in time didn’t get enough attention. This is meant to be a novella, so it is much shorter than her novel, but no less enjoyable of a read.
If you have fallen in love with Lilly’s world, then I highly recommend this. If you are new to Lilly as an author, then check this story out as a peak into her world. I don’t think you will be disappointed, I know I’m not.

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