Drunk Love

This anthology is nothing but love, hearts, and weddings. It supports a fantastic cause with 100% of the digital proceeds going to St. Jude’s.
I found out about this book from a MJ Fields post because she planned to write about Zandor from the Men of Steel series. Then I saw that Meghan Quinn also had a story in it and decided to snag it up and support the cause while enjoying hearts and love.
I read all the stories in the anthology and some had me really desperate for more while others left in a good HFN point enjoying the short sweet endings.
Entice by AD Justice is one of those I’m going to have to check out. I was like WHAT?!?!?! Why did you leave me like that. She definitely pulled me in and is a new author for me to discover (that list grows by the day it seems). JD Hollyfield is another one I need to check out some more. That story left me wanting to smash Rebecca’s face in LOL.
Mariah Dietz I met at AITC and her story was cute. I enjoyed getting a short that showed her writing style as she was one I wanted to check out after meeting her at AITC.
Meghan Quinn’s was great. MJ Fields had me feeling nostalgic and loving Zandor for all he offers Bekah. It was perfect for the Men of Steel and was a nice short to remind you of the Steel family. #foreversteel

Even if you only purchase for one author, definitely consider checking this story out. The money goes to a great cause and you never know, you might find a new to you author that you will love.

I originally purchased this for just a few authors on the list and was happy to support a great cause. The authors are amazing for raising money and supporting St. Jude’s.
What I found even though I only purchased for a few authors were more new to me authors from the list. Overall the stories were great and some had me laughing hysterically at. Others I was smitten and swooning.
If you are looking for some short stories then check this out. Some of them leave you wanting more, literally, as it was a small cliffy type of ending. Most ended in a good HFN spot that didn’t leave me with a ‘what?!?’ feeling.

Authors that Contributed:
A.D. JusticeA.M. JohnsonAmy DawsCarey HeywoodElle BrooksIsabelle RichardsJ.D. HollyfieldJeannine ColletteKandi SteinerKathryn AndrewsKaty RegneryKristen LucianiLiv MorrisMariah DietzM.D. SapersteinMeghan QuinnMelissa CollinsMJ FieldsRyan RingbloomTori Madison

Grab the bookL


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