AITC – Raleigh Signing

It has been a week since my fabulous weekend in Raleigh. It took me that long to find time to go through the swag bag of goodies I got. It was a family event (although no picture proof) but we rolled into the hotel around 11pm. I wasn’t sure we’d leave Friday night but glad we did, as you see below it started to snow on us that am. The LM then decided to wake up from 1100-0030, when we got there, only to finally go to sleep and rise BRIGHT and early at 0630. As you can see I got my dose of Mickey Mouse before the signing. Also got to hit up the CHILLY pool that AM, but no picture proof of that either 😆.

This was my first ever book signing event I attended and it was above any expectations I had. Stephanie’s Book Reports hosted an unbelievable signing. Everyone involved to make Author’s in The City take place were helpful, nice, and friendly. I have to admit I was so nervous going to this event. Believe it or not, I’m shy in group settings and prefer to talk anonymously online. I’m more of a people watcher. I felt like I would stutter, not know what to say, or where to go. Well while waiting in line my fears were abated when I met some fabulous ladies. I joked with Harper and said I would just follow her lead as I worked my way through the room. She gave me some great tips and suggestions on how to move around the room. Harper was nice and wonderful to meet while in the checkin line, I’m excited to read her stories. I also met a fellow Layla fan in line and you will see my book review of one of her stories yesterday. Mandy Bee is super sweet and we hit it off right away. I knew then that my fear of going in to the signing, was unwarranted.

The day started with checking in at 1100 for the signing started and I made my way into the signing room. It was organized chaos haha. Actually it looked like a well oiled operation and while I’m sure there were issues as an attendee you wouldn’t have known it.

Being a newbie blogger, I had business cards made to pass out. I figured while saying hi and getting things signed, I’d put myself out there with this blogger gig. Obviously I mainly spend my time reading and reviewing. Eventually I’d like to expand, but that’s another post and I digress. It was fun meeting so many new to me authors as well as meeting some of my favorite ones. Everyone I met was so friendly, respectful, and nice. You always wonder what it will be like meeting people whose works you have fallen in love with and they were kick ass to meet in person. I plan on going around the location map and recap my time at the event. So drink up and settle in.
When I walked in you go to the left, go left she says 😏, and the first table was Golden Czermak, I haven’t read any of his stories, but plan to check them out. I’m needing some supernatural fix. He was more known by me as the face behind FuriousFotog, providing many photographs for covers of the stories we love. I snagged the coloring book he created for my sister Jay (she loved it BTW), and am now wishing I had grabbed one for myself as well. Right in that corner, you were moved from his table to BT Urruela‘s. I snagged a hard copy of Thirty Days signed, I read it before coming to the signing and that review is here. If you haven’t read it, check it out. Third in line was Janine Infante Bosco, who had awesome library checkout note cards in the swag bag, J.C. Cliff, & Matthew Hosea. They were great to meet and I have to give a HUGE thank you to Matthew for doing a video shout out to my sister in blue💙. She’s a sister from another mister and that video made her night on the road better. If I could have been there when she got it, that would’ve been icing on the cake.
Freya Barker was the next table I visited and enjoyed chatting with her and meeting a new to me author. Samantha Chase was next as I made my way around the perimeter of the room. She is another new to me author I was pleased to meet and had the cutest swag of miniature books. Sawyer Bennett, Angelisa Stone, Christine Zolendz, Katy Regnery, JL Brooks and JC Layne all made up the rest of the first row I managed to visit. I got some booktastic swag, from all their tables.
I moved myself along the back wall and managed to say hello to Haven Cage, M. NeverStephanie Summers, Sidonia Rose, Mary Wasowski, and HJ Harley. It was so neat as a newbie to meet them all and find new to me authors.
Making my way to the third wall on the perimeter I met Taryn Plendl, who had awesome drink koozies. Even my Mom chuckled at the saying on it. Anna Paige was next to her and I enjoyed meeting her.
The next author was Chelsea Camaron and I have to say I fan girled a little bit with this one. I was so excited to meet her. She is super nice and I loved chatting with her. She took a picture with me, signed a book for my friend (she LOVED it btw), and even gave a smoochy face and text shout out to her via my phone. We had been chatting on twitter prior to my FB reemergence. I got a ton in her blog swag bag and fell in love with the smaller version of each book cover.
Next in line was Sasha Brümmer who was another author that drew me to this event. She has this dancer (specifically ballet) romance that she cowrites with Jess Epps and I FLOVED. Being the ballet dancer I am, I am always giddy when I find romance stories with that as a component. They did a fantastic job of including ballet lifestyle into a steamy romance. I cannot wait for the 3rd in line! She also has two stories out in her Redemption Novel series which I feel have been on my TBR list for forever.  Moving down the wall, I approached Isabelle Peterson‘s table who is yet another new author for me. Beside her was Alexis Noelle, Rachael Duncan, and Madison Street. I read Alexis’ book Kiss My Crown, and it was hilarious. I really enjoyed it and laughed a lot reading it. She also has an MC series I’m adding to my TBR list.
Finally rounding out the perimeter was Joanne Schwehm and AM Madden. They were new authors for me and what I remember is as I was waiting to talk to Joanne, a woman at her table told me not to read her books. She was totally kidding and we all had a good laugh. Truth be told, it made me only want to check out her stories even more.

Now I got to walk the middle of the room. There were four rows of tables on each side set up. I was also thanking my weight training of lifting a 46 pound kid as I’m carrying my two  bags that are starting to fill with goodies.
The first row in the middle had MC Decker, Gia Riley, Marni Mann, Shari J. Ryan, and AM Willard. I stopped and spoke with all of them and got my tote bag signed. All of these authors were new to me, so even more to be added to the TBR list.
The next side held AM Myers, Abbie Zanders, Michelle Lee, Alice K. Wayne, & Amy Cecil. Again new authors to discover and I’m currently reading a book of Abbie’s right now. She had the neatest pamphlet that broke out her stories and cute notepads in the swag bag.
The second row in the middle held Ashley Hampton who was super nice and sweet. She just had TWO new cover reveals this past Saturday. Catherine Gayle, CS Patra, Emma Burton (she had a ballet book EEK), and Danielle Jamie. I grabbed some neat swag from their tables and even more bookmarks to find stories by them to add to the list. CS Patra had some cool swag in the blog bag and the hand sanitizer will come in handy with my five year old LOL. On the other side of this row I met Heather C. Leigh who made me laugh and was fun to meet and chat with. Then NM Catalano, Amanda Renee pen name Anastasia Marie, Jennifer L. Allen and LB Dunbar rounded out the rest of the row. I snagged some more bookmarks and swag. NM Catalano had some neat mints in her blogger pack and the Rooster Club bookmark 😆. At this rate my TBR list will grow into next year.
The third row in the middle had Mariah Dietz, Cora Kenborn, Kennedy Ryan, Misha Elliott, Leaona Luxx and LM Carr. Leaona’s swag bag had a pocket mirror, which I think my Mom stole HA, and cute notepad. I was extremely excited to meet Cora. She was another reason I wanted to attend, to meet her. She is so down to earth, nice, and kick ass. I had a blast chatting with her and grabbing my signed books. She also had a goodie bag with some cool guitar picks, and I had to grab the keychain she had created. The rest of the ladies were so friendly and welcoming to me. I really adored talking to them. On the other side of them was Monica James, Rachel Lacey, RC Boldt, SH Richardson, and Stacey Lynn. Again they were kind and pleasant to chat with as I passed each table. Rachel Lacey had some hot tea and bath salts in her swag bag, now if I can get a 5 year old to leave me alone long enough to enjoy, I will. SH Richardson had some chapstick and notepad in her swag which will definitely get used.
The fourth and final row for me had Stacey Mosteller, Steph Nuss, Ellie Wade, Lick your lips cakes, and Stephanie Julian. First off the Lick your lips cakes… die for….OMG it was delicious! I got some bourbon from Steph and a koozie along with some other goodies. I can’t wait to dive into the bourbon….

I can’t say enough how splendid the signing was for a blogger newbie and newbie to the signing event. I hope I didn’t miss any authors on my review. The evening was finished off with great food, delectable desserts, and hilarious dancing. There might even be a video with me in it doing Hammer Time (I will not divulge where 😂).

Below are pictures of the fun, swag, and everything in between. I have linked the author’s websites to their names. Check them out if you get a chance and maybe find someone new to get lost in the world they created.

The last picture is my sad reminder to be happy as I had to return to the real world and work on Monday. I had hoped to get this done much sooner, but we had 8 inches of snow and LM came down with strep. Hope everyone has a fabulous week and finds some new reads from this post.

peace out girl scouts….



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