Not a Princess

I went to my first book signing a week ago and while in line to check in I met a FABULOUS lady. We hit it off talking about baseball pants and I brought up my friend Layla Delaney and her books on baseball players. She heard of Layla and read her stories, it was a fast friendship and I knew we would get along famously from here on out 💖.


Well Mandy Bee told me she was a writer as well and offered to send me a story to read. From her titles, the one that stood out to me was No Princess Here. Well I sat down, snuggled in, and read it in a day! I then emailed her and excitedly screamed WHERE HAS SHE BEEN! I loved this story. It was the perfect mix of light suspense, love, family, sexiness, and HEA. The characters were developed and had depth, background story, and future promises.

Sydney and Kyle’s relationship was one that came about as a surprise to both. I liked the push and pull each gave on their journey to the HEA. How they grew together was slow sweet love. Her Dad definitely had his funny moments in this story as Syd and Kyle started dating. Pete is my favorite character. I liked his attitude and the type of man he was. This story came to a great conclusion but did leave it open incase Mandy decided to revisit some of the other characters. You will only be left feeling like you want more in the fact that it was such a good story you didn’t want it to end. I don’t want to spoil but check this story out. It will provide you with a sweet love that blossomed from a suspenseful time.

This is my first story by this author and it certainly won’t be my last. This story moved at a good pace that kept you turning the page. It was easy to follow along but had a lot of components to unravel the story and come to what I thought was a perfect HEA.
We meet Sydney aka Ray as she lays out what has been going on in her life. She is the youngest daughter of the governor and HATES being considered a princess. Little does she know that she’s about to be thrown back into that world. I really liked Sydney’s character. She had a bit of drama that came with her, but she didn’t feed in to it. She also wanted to be independent and living on her own two feet. I admired her for wanting things and obtaining them without help from who her father is. She is a strong female that I could relate to and also rooted for throughout the whole story. She was practical and realistic in everything that went on around her. I never felt like her emotions were over the top or unwarranted.
Kyle was a character I hated at first. I was like what do you think you’re doing?!? Why are you acting like a butt head. He had a lot to atone for IMO with Sydney. He finally realized what he needed to do to keep Sydney in his life permanently. I did like how we got a bit from his perspective on his feelings, emotions, and thoughts.
Mandy Bee also wrote some amazing side characters in this story. I would love to know more about Cory. Mike was the best big brother character written. I do wonder what was going on with him at the end. Pete was by far my favorite side character in this book.
I cannot wait to read more by this author and if you are looking for a good story I would recommend this novel. It wasn’t a long read, but very enjoyable. The author put a lot into it and I couldn’t be more pleased with how the plot resolved nor the ending of the story. It was the perfect HEA I could have hoped for them.

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