Forbidden Tastes so Sweet

If you’ve been hanging around my blog for a while, you will know I’ve been reviewing Alexa Riley’s Princess series. This is the final in the series and was perfect IMO. We got to have a taste of Vlad and Tab as they first met to when they got their HEA. This will be a short review today because the book took less than an hour for me to read. Not a lot to add except it’s full of sugar, spice, love, and HEA hearts.


Yea for Alexa Riley being so awesome and writing about Tab and Vlad. It was so deliciously forbiddingly sweet.
Can I say I gave a standing O for what happened to her Mom. I was like yes biotch got what’s coming!
We got to see this different side of Tab and it was great to recap Alena and Roman’s first meet from her POV.
Vlad was perfect for Tab and when he said he was planning for her before he even met her, SWOON!
If you’ve read all the stories in this series you will love this one too!
Kudos for a fabulous twirling series by AR.

Find Alexa Riley Here:

Grab the Forbidden fruit here:


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