Ride On

This series was a favorite of mine and one I could easily read again and again. Chelsea took us on an amazing ride with the originals, family, and legacy. She brought back all the favorites from the entire series and we got to fall in love with them all over again in their epilogues. Axel – yeah I can see a next generation thing happening (wishful thinking) 😆. Doll and Tripp were perfect in this story and I knew something was up. I could feel it, but boy did she shock the hell out of me with WHAT was up. My mantra in this story was “I will not cry, I will not cry.” I may have had dust in my eye and that’s the lie I’m sticking with. This whole series comes full circle and just makes you fall in love with all the characters and the world Chelsea creates.

I was so happy that Frisco got a chance to have some resolution after the last story. Amy was a wonderfully written character that has overcome so much! Just hearing them tell their tale of what a journey they have been on was fulfilling. I didn’t even realize before I read this story how much I wanted to know what happened on their journey. We always got snippets of what was transpiring but to hear first hand all the things that happened to them and Amy, it was heart wrenching, soul searching goodness.
Shannon was one of those characters that I wanted to smack. She had that attitude and when Amy opened up to her I felt like they connected. She made a choice and it changed the dynamics for Frisco and the Hellions. All in all I was happy with the resolution though.

What a ride! I have enjoyed this MC series from beginning to end. I hate that it’s ended but know all good things must come to an end.
I’m not a mushy person reading normally but this book had more emotion than ever.
The main focus was Frisco, Amy and his daughter Shannon. It was great to see Frisco and Amy get their HEA. I was rooting for Amy to come out on the right side of life.
Frisco finally found his family and the choices he had to make were tough but solid.
I don’t want to spoil but you will see all the originals and everyone from this ride as it comes to an end. It was great to catch up with the epilogues too.
Chelsea couldn’t have wrote a more fantastic ending for this series. It will leave you with the notion that these characters are still living it up in the imaginary world she created.

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