It’s the third installment in Alexa Riley’s princess series and this one was no less enjoyable. Heavenly and Carlos get a shot at making their dreams come true. Heavenly wants it all and wants it with Carlos. She is trying to do whatever she can to stay at his castle and be a part of his life. His Mom was hilariously funny and she knew what was going on. I love how she egged Carlos on to make a decision.


Carlos thought it was bad but in reality Heavenly and he were meant to be from the first moment they saw each other. His protective nature overtook all reasoning and when he hit Karim I giggled and did a fist bump. As always if you are looking for some sugary sweet romance then grab this next in live and enjoy!

This was such a cute quick read. Like all AR stories there is a sweet sensual HEA that leaves you swooning in a bed of roses.
Heavenly we met in Karim’s story and I like how much sass she has. She is different from the other princesses and so fun. She doesn’t let Carlos get away with anything.
Carlos knew she would be his and boy did they light a fire under him with the taunting and talk of arranged marriage for Heavenly.
His Mom had me laughing with her smugness.
These are super short reads but no less enjoyable than longer novels. I love how AR continues to pack in so much in a short story.

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