Heart Shocker

Time for some more dragons! Charlene Hartnady was my first shifter read 😳 I know shocking right! Well I have Bink Cummings to thank for that rec. It was a blizzard outside (literally) and I needed something to read. She commented on a FB post and gave me the recommendation of Chosen by The Vampire Kings and I quickly consumed every release after that.
Time for Tamara and Thunder to have their shot at love. This picks up with so much happen in the previous Bride Hunt books. That said, you could read this as a stand alone but might be lost on some references, characters, and discussions. Tamara worked hard to get where she was and all it took was one wrong choice in love to lead her to ruin. My heart felt for her and Charlene made me want her to get her chance for Karma to come back and be the bad@ss Biotch we know she can be. 😏

Thunder works hard to make sure that Tamara has all that she needs. All he wants to do is hug her. I like how open he was even after being burned. His brother though, wasn’t as fond of Tammy. The consequences to protect each other are ones they will face with uncertainty and strength. I enjoyed how they won’t give up on the other and the internal strength that is shown in Tammy. She comes through in the darkest times and it was great that the heroine was so different from previous ones. My heart broke in places for so many reasons but I really enjoyed this continuation of the series.

Well it is Thunder’s chance at love. After having it rough with a deceiving human, he still maintains an open mind about finding his mate.
Tamara just wants a chance to pay the bills and not be blacklisted from her dreams. She is grasping at anything to make ends meet. When she signs up for the program, she hopes she will get the break she needed. Little did she know her heart had other plans.
She guards herself so ferociously that she almost loses the chance at true happiness.
This was so different from the previous stories and I really enjoyed it. Thunder needed Tammy as much as she needed him. She saved him and their bond grew from so much more. It wasn’t sexually charged until after they overcame fears, reservations, and attacks. We get to see some old faves for characters and meet some new ones. I really enjoyed how what Tammy and Thunder had to overcome and work through. There was a good bit of emotional and trust building that lead to a foundation for the two to take the leap.

I’m excited to see what happens next in the series.

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