Alpha Strong

By now if you’ve stuck with me on this supernatural journey you will hopefully be as vested in it as I am. I HIGHLY recommend checking out and signing up for the newsletter. When you do you get a link to goodies! Like deleted scenes, and Christmas stories! The Grant and Frankie one was just what I needed. I have really enjoyed this tale and it’s not over yet. The fourth story should be out soon and there is serious anticipation on my part as to what will happen with the Mages.

Grant is all Alpha but is brought to his knees with Frankie. I love how obsessed he becomes with her. That office scene (fanning self) was steamy. Alynna is the perfect person to add humor in what Grant is going through. You really feel the sibling tension. Frankie has that too and her brothers are the best. I laughed so hard with some of the banter between all of them as well as Nona. She is top notch at keeping them on their toes.

The battle with Stefan looms closer and by now there are some obvious things about the true mate females. I really liked how Alicia worked the ending in this one. It was different than the previous two and I welcomed the switch. This story has me vested fully in the outcome. While the premise that the true mates get together, I like how each pair has been different in what they overcome to get there. It is fitting for each character. Seeing Frankie in a new light was fun and perfect. She is your typical Italian matriarch but it’s not over the top or outlandish. I really liked how we got to see the difference between her clan and Grant’s because lets face it not every clan is like NY and that was nice to know. I called the traitor though. Picked it up rather quickly. Callista – Oh, she is the most awesomest MIL Frankie could hope to get! 👊🏼

Oh Grant has a sweet story in this book. We see a side of them that I couldn’t predict. I was swooning as I read his escapades to woo Frankie.
I’m so glad Frankie was back. We got to see her in Book 1 and she is just as snarky and funny now as she was then. She’s guarded herself and has such a fight to open up and take a chance from within. Once she realizes that she is good enough and deserves Grant she will stop at nothing to keep him safe.
We are even more engrossed in the story line of the mages trying to bring the downfall to he Lycan and witching world. It was emotional and had suspense as you hope the Lycans become victorious.
Again Alicia made the journey of Frankie and Grant unique to their situation. Frankie’s family was hilarious and honest. I love how they interacted as a dysfunctional family.
I was very interested to see how the different clans were. Alicia made them unique yet the same with their values and beliefs. They believed in unity and togetherness. I’m excited for what’s to come. I cannot wait to see what happens.

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