Blood Lust

It’s Nick and Cady’s turn!! I was so excited that they were second in the series to find their HEA. I love how the main plot and questions from the first story were carried over and built upon in the second story. We don’t get all the answers by the end but it continues on and I like how there are some pieces that are tied up but the big bad ugly is still out there for the entire Lycan clan to overcome. We get more intimate with Nick and Cady learning about their pasts and insecurities they have. My heart broke when secrets came out. I was actually a little pissed at Cady that she didn’t talk to Grant at all about some of the things going on. She is tested in a crazy way and the one person that should believe her doesn’t. It was heart wrenching in that moment. Alynna wouldn’t give up on Cady though. She is still a strong presence in this and I loved how Cady interpreted Alynna’s facial expressions and such when things were getting heated. I like how everyone seems like one big dysfunctional family.

We are given more clues as to who is trying to destroy the Lycan’s. We also meet some more of Cady’s and Nick’s family. I was very surprised how it played out and Cady and Nick got their HFN that they deserved. There are loose ends in this story but just as the first, they are building to a battle that you know will come to head throughout the series and timeline. I don’t mind the main plot being open and I think the author is doing it justice. There is so much compounding on this war being waged against the Lycan’s that covering pieces a story at a time make it so you aren’t bombarded with the information. We learn more and more each time and it is like another piece of the puzzle coming together. I also liked that the author didn’t dwell on to much that happened in book one. There were mentions of things but it wasn’t a long arduous recap.

Cady and Nick!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉💖💖💖💖
I was so happy that they were the next ones to fall in love and become true mates.
Nick is the Beta, second in command and responsible for keeping things secure. One touch and it was all over. The dreams were so real he could swear she was in his arms. When loyalties are tested he will do and say some things that hurt his mate. He will stop at nothing for a second chance to apologize and make it right.
Cady is moving through the motions of life. She wants something but knows it will never happen. As she is confronted with a ghost from her past she has to stand firm in her loyalties and love.
This story picked up where the first left off. We get to catch up with Alyanna, Alex and Grant. The new characters that come in to play only draw me in more anxious to see how the battle comes to an end. I was rooting and cheering for them as the battle for peace and balance in the Lycan and supernatural world.
As soon as Cady consumed the donuts I knew what was happening. I like the theory of the true mates is made more clear in this story but it’s unique to each couple. Cady and Nick have their past to overcome, their present to understand and their future to fight for.

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