True Mate

Wolves need love too right? This is a fantastic series that explores the world of Lycan’s and their clans. They are dwindling in numbers and the Alpha in New York is struggling with being a CEO and Alpha. He senses something is off when an outside Lycan is brought into the fold. Little does he know that Alynna will be a strength and weakness for him. I could not put this book down and hope that if you love shifter romances, you will check it out as well.

There are so many things I want to write about this story but I don’t want to spoil it. I think for it being the first in the series Alicia did a superb job at introducing the key players and the history/background of the Lycan society. You didn’t feel overwhelmed and the story had a good pace throughout.

Holy cow! It took me WAY too long to write this review but I freaking loved this story. I couldn’t put it down and as soon as real life stops being busy, I’ll dive into the second one.
Alicia is a new author for me and she did not disappoint!
There are so many characters, plots, and subplots I couldn’t even begin to explain the emotions I felt and everything that is cluttering my mind.
Alynna – was a fantastic character. I loved her growth and development throughout the story. How she kept taking hits and fought back and how she found herself. I thought she just came into her true self.
Alex – well I couldn’t say enough about him. I was laughing at some parts, yelling at him in others, and swooning over him by the end.
Vrost is so hard and stoic I couldn’t help but find humor in his actions 😂. I cannot wait to see him get knocked on his butt when love hits him.
Cady is a fave of mine. Her relationship with Alynna takes bffs to a new level. I loved their relationship flourishing and the bond that grew.
Grant I just loved watching his hard exterior melting for Alynna. He just became the big brother you would always want.
This whole story was fantastically done and the depth of the characters made the story. The main plot does have a tbc but it doesn’t bother me and just makes me desperately want to run to amazon and download the next in line. Alicia has quickly joined the top of my list as a fave author. If you like supernatural romances then I recommend checking this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

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