30 Swipes 30 Days

I am headed to my first author signing Saturday (so long as it doesn’t snow ❄️…no lie calling for it mid-March here πŸ™„πŸ˜ ) and there were some authors attending that I wanted to check out their stories prior to going to the signing. Also to decide if I wanted to get a signed book and what not πŸ˜†. Well BT was one of those authors I wanted to check out. Being this was my first story by him, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I will admit that most of the stories I’ve read had a female author (now I feel like an author snob hahaha j/k I’m an equal opportunity reader) but it wasn’t intentionally planned.
30 Days was an emotional journey. I had dust in my eye with the first Grandma scene, well maybe it wasn’t dust, but I’m pretending it was. This novella was a short read and I completed it in just over an hour. It was very well written and easy to follow along with some humor thrown in. I will admit it was a heavy read. There are a lot of emotions covered as Gavin goes on the journey of life. Not unlike most people, he is struggling professionally and personally. I found some of his feelings and actions very relatable and moving as I read. The humor and bond between Bobby and Gavin was just enough to break up the heavier feelings, topics, and emotions. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for Gavin in the next story as he completes his challenge. Grab some whiskey (Megan had excellent taste in whiskey, I’m a fan as noted below 😏…that’s my personal glass of the good stuff below) and a blanket and pick this book up.

I wasn’t sure what I would be getting into with this novella. This is the first by BT that I’ve read. I have to say for a short novella I wasn’t disappointed. BT definitely left you in a happy moment at the end that will make you want to grab the next in line. I cannot wait to see how the rest of Gavin’s life unfolds as he takes 30 days to make 30 swipes for a date.

First the light hearted part:

I liked his banter with Bobby. There is a dynamic there that I could just picture the two of them in a headlock giving noogies to each other in the middle of the street. His humor despite his anxiety on the dates was funny. I liked how he asked the worst date questions and felt like it helped him to realize some of his worst moments weren’t SO bad πŸ˜†. Funny but not end of world.

The heavier stuff:

There is a lot of it. I will have to admit that it definitely outweighs the humor but if nothing else it makes you feel. It is an emotional journey where there is a light at the end but it gets overshadowed. Gavin’s tale is raw, real, and human. You can’t ignore the repressiveness of the PTSD he suffers from and you don’t want to. I found myself wanting to be his cheerleader as he struggles to find the good and look for the sun not the cloud in all facets of his life.

You are left with questions that I really hope are answered in the next story. I didn’t mind the open-ended subplots and plot and if anything it makes me want to buy the next in line. I’m not normally one to go for such a heavy read but have to say I wasn’t disappointed in the least. I think how BT handled such deep and scarred topics that often don’t come up was top notch.

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