Ghost Murder

Far different from my other reads, I received an ARC for this new murder mystery by these authors. If you like mystery books, then this cute, cozy read will have you snuggling in your nearest chair with coffee and a blanket. If you’ve read my past reviews, you will know murder mystery isn’t one of my typical reads. That said, I do really enjoy them. I remember reading Agatha Christie in middle school and enjoying the who-done-it tales. This was no different. There was a who-done-it style that kept me guessing until the end. Even if I had managed to guess the killer I don’t think I would have seen all the pieces. Tudor grabbed her notebook and went through town to uncover the mystery around the ghost and murder. What she finds will have you scratching your head and saying whoah wasn’t expecting that.

I would actually give this a 4.5 star. Overall this story was a cute, cozy murder mystery. I didn’t guess the killer and was interested in how the conclusion came together. Some spots it was a little tough to follow, hence the reason for the 4/4.5 star review. I am excited though for this new series and do hope it continues. I would definitely get the next in line and feel like the author will only continue to do great things in the mystery genre. The blurb is a little misleading. It mentions Tudor coming home for health reasons, but I do not recall that coming out in the book at all. It seemed to me it was over a boy.
Tudor is close to thirty and headed back home to live with her parents. She keeps telling herself and everyone she talks to that it’s a temporary thing. She doesn’t plan to stay. When a murder happens in their quiet sleepy little town, she will break out into an adventure to find the killer. Her younger sister Pagan comes along for the journey and Gunner becomes an ally on their escapades.
Tudor passes her time not solving the crime in the towns quaint book shop. Everyone knows everyone, and the store keeper plants a seed in Tudor’s mind. While the town festival is going on, she finds that she has to decide what does she really want out of life and who the murderer is.
This mystery had a lot of detail in the beginning introducing the characters, some background about Blissford Falls, and how all the parties knew each other. Once the investigation moved underway it picked up pace. Gunner and Tudor had a fun dynamic that I can’t wait to see evolve over more stories in this series. Her parents add an extra twist that has you groaning and smiling at their interactions. Tudor and Pagan are so opposite but the bond they share is strong and you can tell that Tudor looks to protect her little sister from anything. I was standing up and cheering at the end when Pagan had her say. The author captured Pagan’s young age well, because there was a lot that I just wanted to groan and roll my eyes with how she acted. I often had to remind myself that she is a typical teenager and then would think how well the author captured that age to make me feel that way.
I’m excited to see what happens in this quite town and what mysteries Tudor will solve in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Ghost Murder

  1. readwithg says:

    These are my favorite types of books! I’ve yet to hear about this one until your review, so it’s safe to say I’m adding this bad boy to my TBR List. Thanks for the wonderful review, good work! 🙂

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