Bond of Family

I was seriously hoping for more out of this story. I’m hoping that means that we will get another to add to this series. I was so bummed about Jayla, I really was holding out that we would find out more on that front. I rounded up to 5 stars because all of the other stories I felt gave a HFN ending which definitely left it open to have future stories. While I read some other reviews, some thought that it was all over the place. Actually while that is true, what the author did was weave the timelines together. They overlapped but it wasn’t repeating information. It was more bringing it all together in a full circle style. I also felt so much for Harmony and Kit. How their troubles were handled was touching and moving. Not everyone got married, not everyone had a baby, and that was okay. This was so much more to these characters that I feel had she done that would’ve been a cop out.

Okay so I have loved this series by Addison. It was a new series for me and I hope this isn’t the end. That said I had to give 4.5 stars here because I wanted more as a reader personally.
This story covers the four main couples from the previous book and catches up with them around the holiday’s. I do think the author did a good job overlapping them and intertwining them into the timeline together.
Harmony and Kit’s tale was perfect for them. I felt like it left at a good happy for now considering all the struggles they had going on. It left them with hope which was perfect. I really hope that we get more with Kaci.
Chelsea and Op’s was fun, surprising and warm. I would’ve loved a bit more with Harlyn and how she was. Did Hadley ever help her out from the last book? Was she overcoming some of the issues the little girl had?
Rose and Blizzard I was dying for this story and I still feel like there was a big elephant in the room. While Jayla had grown and relaxed into her setting I wanted to know if she overcame her fears and how they have battled that to not hold her back. There was mention that they’d be there for her but me and my active reader mind was let down by how this played out. I am glad that she has a home now but would’ve loved more on seeing her light shine.
Hadley and Leo – did she do what she said she was. I felt shafted on their Christmas gift exchange since what she had was so perfect for their story. I just wanted to know how it played out.
Shake (Ham) and Meyah I have a feeling there’s a story there. Piper oh I hope we get a story with.
While it was really great to catch up I just wanted a bit more closure for a few pieces. That’s what made this a 4.5 for me. I was so invested in the characters that I just needed to see how they moved from certain points that were brought up in previous stories.

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