Shoot for Love

Hadley’s story did not disappoint at all. I found myself having a lot of dust in my eye as I read. I did guess early on what would happen with a certain friend. It was heart wrenching watching the story unfold. I really liked how Addison wrote Hadley. She was smart, loved her body, but found something she didn’t even know was missing, a family. The point at the range had me laughing and I was like heck yeah!

Leo had this battle that was internal. When he finally overcame what he thought was a huge betrayal he opened up his and Macy’s chance at something spectacular. This story made me feel like a train wreck was coming full speed ahead and you can’t stop it. I feel like Addison left a lot open with this so that hopefully means there will be more in the series after Family. I would love Eagle’s story and Ham of course needs once too. If you’ve read the first three, then this one will just add to the amazing story and world Addison created.

I finally was able to read the next installment in Addison’s series. It was such a well done continuation that I devoured it in a time that was inhumanly possible to read it by. This one to me was so much more emotional. It covered loss, guilt and love. It showed how strong family can be even if it’s not blood family.
Hadley came to the Brothers in a round about way. Needed protection she didn’t expect to find a home and place she belonged. She really didn’t expect to find love.
Leo has had a rough go and thought that moving on meant forgetting. He struggled with how to cope and love more than one woman. Once he let go everything fell into place. He found a reason to love again.
This story was full of so many fist pumping moments for me with Hadley and how she acted. I was like woohoo kick butt girl. Then there were the times that I had dirt in my eye and mud in my throat.
Eagle totally needs a story now 😆.

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