I’ve already read the second in line for this series. If you missed it that review and blog post is here: https://astronimasclutter.wordpress.com/2017/02/19/shave-what/

That said The Big O was no less entertaining than it’s second in line. You can honestly read them out of order and not be lost in either story. It was nice to see how Diesel came into the picture and what happened to have Olivia and Oren meet. There was lots of hilarity, some sweet awe moments, and some heart in the throat moments. I would love a chance to catch up with Olivia and Scout in the near future. These stories were my first reads by this author and I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire read. It is a quick read (for me at least) and insta love. There is no cheating and only funny moments of farts, O’s, and bears. Oh-My!

Well I read these stories out of order and I can honestly say I didn’t feel lost by not reading them in order. While they pair together the author did a great job writing both stories.
I laughed just as much in this one as I did Scout’s story. It was so funny and enjoyable for a cute romance read.
Olivia is an adult that is missing out on one big thing, an O. She has a good head on her shoulders but sucks at dating or finding a guy. She had to learn to fall and trust that Oren would catch her.
Oren came with handcuffs and a smile. He fell into Olivia’s world and fit like the missing puzzle piece. He hasn’t had the best family growing up but finds home with Olivia and Pedro.
This whole dysfunctional family is fantastic. They love each other in spite of their quirks and always bring out the best. I couldn’t put this short read down and laughed so much throughout it. If you are looking for a funny romance read then pick this book up.

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