👑Stolen Heart

YEA happy dancing yesterday because Stolen Princess released a day early. I love with Alexa Riley’s story release early. 😍 I was so excited to snag this read and then a CRAZY server issue just had to bring down parts of Amazon and I was stuck impatiently waiting for it to be fixed. They finally did and I was able to read while enjoying snuggle time with my Little Man.

Giselle is the princess that’s been kept out of the loop. Can I just pause to say the inner geek in me was all in love with her name because of the ballet (yes I know total dork). She lived with her father the retired King and dreamed of a cross between her prince and the beast coming to rescue her. Karim knew the moment she walked in the room that she would be his future Queen and rule with him.
This story was all sorts of fast paced and mushy sweet love. I enjoyed every quick minute of the read as another princess is taken for a Queen. I also really want Karim’s sister’s story (cough cough hint hint). She had something going on there that I wanted to know more about.

Well this one was just as syrupy lovely as the first. Loved that it released a day early. Total love for Giselle’s name! I was starry eyed and swooning when she had her puffy ball gown and tennis shoes. Her imagination was perfect and uniquely her. Karim stopped at nothing to get his princess. In the short story he had enough time to show her how truly valuable her uniqueness is. How much he loved and treasured her for who she was as a person. As always this story was super fast. It opened with that instalove soul mate and closed in typical AR fashion with hearts, weddings, and forever love. Grab your ball gown, dancing shoes and twirl around like a princess while you read this tale.

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