Corrupt Chaos

Are you a fan of MC reads? Do you like Outlander? Then grab this AWESOME bundle copy of Bink’s and swoon over the panty melting man that is Lachlan. I can’t even tell you how I first stumbled upon Bink’s books but each one is uniquely written and sucks you in from the first sentence. Her style is like no other author I’ve read to date. She puts such a unique flare on her stories that when reading, you are living it right alongside the characters. I read both of these as individuals, but highly recommend this boxed set collection.


As I went back and looked I found I had highlighted a quote. Reading it, I totally know why. It caused me to squeak laugh (true story, I squeak when laughing) and now writing this post about the bundle, I feel the need to share.

This is from Beyond Her Words:
“Basically, I’m more screwed than a two-bit hooker wearing crotch-less panties in a whorehouse.”

Yeah, don’t try to understand me but it was funny to me. 😆

All of the characters in this series were well thought about and written in a way that you wanted them to be part of your dysfunctional family. Mags won me over with her car, attitude, treatment of Pip, and everything in between. Where can I get me some cupcakes is my other question from this. I’m seriously going to have to read these again and write how Bink describes the cupcakes just so I can try to make them. I’m a food lover and a sweet lover and I have an awesome Mom that bakes and would totally help me out (you know you would Mom (yes she totally reads my blogs LOL)😬). All the characters new and old just come crashing into your subconscious and take root. You will want to read this again and again as you fall in love with the characters.

Okay first I want a cupcake. Seriously reading about them, yeah my tubby butt immediately thought mmmm that would be great.
Second I love this author but totally hate her in a you wrote an amazing story, ripped my heart out (take it) and thankfully gave it back pieced back together by the end kind of way.
Agreed with who doesn’t love a Scott and kilt mmmm. I enjoyed that Lachlan was such a strong character but flawed. It tore my heart in two. I wanted to hug him and not just in the sexy book boyfriend way. The author gave him so many great qualities that just pulled you to him.
Mags was such a well written character. I could totally understand her inner dialogue in the beginning and enjoyed her interactions with everyone from the get go. Her quiet strength was heroic and what she overcame about herself to raise up those she loved was just awesome.
Whisky is a hoot and loved her sass….and cupcakes….mmm

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Beyond Christmas
The story continues and it’s all fuzzy and wonderful. This author is great at painting pictures with words. I like how the story continues. The teasing subplots are fantastic and I can’t wait to see where they lead.
Whisky is still a hoot and she has made the comedic timing perfect.
As always I cannot wait to see what she writes next!

My reviews were short on these but I was just starting out really making sure I reviewed to help the author out. Beyond Christmas was a great holiday novel to catch up with those we met in BHW. Bonez and well that scene…..(fanning)….WOW…..

Find Bink Here:

Grab this read (free if you have KU):


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