Layla’s newest and steamiest release hit shelves of the digital variety earlier this month. I posted a teaser about it a while ago and was excited to meet Emery and Christine. I will put a warning out because I know it’s not for everyone, there is some light cheating in the beginning. It’s not done maliciously but the h is not single when she first encounters Emery. I’m not a fan of cheating and that being said, I wasn’t offended or turned off by it in this story.

Any fashion fan will fall in love with Christine as Layla describes her wardrobe and shoes to a “T”. I’m telling you if I could get in this novel and bring out some of the shoes to wear in real life, I’d be a happy woman. Emery is a gentleman that will have you swooning and leave you squirming. He was deliciously written and I enjoyed reading him find love.
Their past will overlap in a way that will have you guessing some but shocked at others. I was surprised by the twist of fate with Emery and Christine. Layla kept you on your toes with the development of their story. It was a fast lust to love, but none the less sweet and steamy. Emery finds that when Christine submits it will be his greatest pleasure and reward.

This stand alone by Layla was the perfect story to cozy up to. We get to meet Emery and Christine as they do a seductive dance that leads to a HEA. There is some mild cheating in here but it’s not a distraction from the story.
Christine is a successful, strong, vibrant woman. She is a great character and I loved her shoes. She is in a relationship that just isn’t making her hot and bothered. When she meets Emery, he will stop at nothing to win her over mind, body, and soul.
Emery is a man that knows what he wants and Christine is it. He is the consummate gentleman and stops at nothing to woo Christine.
Their paths are more intertwined than they realize. There are some revelations that will shock and surprise you. There is also steamy, sweet, dominating love.
Plots were closed up well and while it’s a instalove the timeline flowed in a nice way. There is some light D/s action as well as a MFM scene. Curl up with a glass of wine and enjoy the man that is Emery!

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