Cold Heart

I’m going to try hard and not spoil this one but Addison left me with so many questions and I’m hoping by reading the last two they will be answered. (Someone get me those winning lottery numbers so I can quit my day job.)
As far as alpha males go in a story Blizzard had me rooting for him to realize how good it can be and to let go of all the past that he couldn’t control. Trust was his demon and he had to come to terms with trusting the woman he wanted to love. It’s a slippery slope once that trust was broken and it takes him a long time to rearrange his priorities. Rose wants to stop at nothing to just find a home. I felt for her as she struggles and the scene with her and Chelsea by the fire pit, yeah it got to me. The way Addison puts forth the emotions of these fictional characters had me feeling for them as if they were real. You felt heart broken for Rose and grateful for Chelsea. I loved the dynamic between Blizzard and Chelsea, I thought it was a perfect blend of big brother/stubborn sister that had some funny moments.

Let’s talk about some secondary people. The other club (the one they help)?!?! Can I say 😳 after that revelation. Deacon comes back around in this one as well and I still don’t like him 😆. Rose’s family (obviously my nod to the Godfather above) is very interesting to say the least. Angelo is a scary mofo and I really wondered if he and Blizzard were going to go to blows. Angelo would’ve loved to have Rose as his. Probably one of the MANY fave scenes in this story was at the end when Angelo and Blizzard discussed just who Rose is to Blizzard. Jayla….yeah not even saying more than that but I can tell you if I don’t find answers in the next two books……who am I kidding, I’m a lover not a fighter, but I might send Addison an email saying WTH 😆.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings on Blizzard’s story. I’m not sure what all I can add to it that wouldn’t give SO much of the plot and subplots away. I just don’t have it in me to be a spoil sport. Addison’s stories are quickly rising up to the list of my top faves. I can definitely see me reading them again and again. I do have one thing to add, this is to show I need some serious interventional help. My best bud created a reading monster in me with these. Yeah who needs those extra two hours to read………🙊

Well I would love to know more about how he got his road name but I have a feeling it’s for how cold hearted he can be in certain situations. He just needed to have that heart thawed and forgive to find a romance that makes him stronger.
Blizzard has had a bad time growing up and trusting people. We found out he thought he found someone to trust but she ended up shattering him. He has to learn to look deep inside to realize that he has to move on and let people in. Once he over comes that he then has to find a way to hold on to his two precious girls that make his world brighter.
Rose is out for redemption. What happens to come off as a way to make amends and apologize for her wrongs, turns in to a fight to survive and not lose the one person that saw the true her.
This story actually left me with questions. I liked that we saw Chelsea again and how things were going with her getting better but I want so much more on the Blizzard and Rose front. I’m hoping we get to catch up with them in the next story.

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