Blackbird fly

The second book was just as good as the first. I sped through this story and devoured every word. I couldn’t get through it fast enough. There were some red flags for me that made me sit on edge. You knew something was going to happen with certain characters but I did not guess Deacon’s involvement AT ALL! Holy crap on a cracker that was a shocker. I called Rose from the get go. I even texted my friend to say she’s bad news. This had more suspense than Harmony as some left over plots from there came to head. They didn’t fully resolve and the main issues carry over into Blizzard.

I didn’t have the childhood Chelsea had but I could relate to her need to run to escape, gain perspective and balance. It’s how I feel about ballet. It was the same with Harmony and her music. The author wove their strengths and individuality into them and with Chelsea her need to run to feel made me feel. I’m not going to spoil it but that ending! I almost lost it. So glad I was able to read Blizzard right afterwards to calm my fears a bit. There were some open points where I still had questions, but I like how it keeps me engrossed and attached to the world and story Addison penned.

I was excited that Chelsea would be our next in this series. She is Harmony’s best friend and wants her shot at love even if it isn’t flowers and sunshine. So while I figured out a lot of red flags with this story, it was still a riveting page turner that had me frantically reading to the end.
Chelsea has a heart of gold. She is thrown in to such a crazy whirlwind of events that lead to her thinking she will join her parents. Can her leather clad knight on chrome come save her in time.
Optimus has a past that makes him feel guilty. Once he finally realizes that it is keeping him from what matters most he will come to terms and make changes. Read and see if it is in time to have his ride to ever after or if he’s lost his chance.
Holy cow the ending had me all sorts of crazy. What I was pleased about was the timeline. I really liked that it was realistic with how Chelsea overcame her struggles. It wasn’t out of the norm and flowed in a believable sense.
Deacon – I knew he was secretive but holy crap!!! Rose – yeah I saw that from a mile a way.

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