Perfect Harmony

My friend, who is awesome btw, sent me a text and asked if I read Harmony yet. I said no, which prompted her to loan me the book. Little did I know she was signing me up for a venture that would suck me into a world of MC’s, romance, clubs, dancing, music, running, love, fear, loss, and everything in between. I texted her back and said I love you but hate you, I’m hooked. I’ve read three in this series so far and if real life didn’t get in the way, I’d have the other two read by now. So the next three days will be my take on these stories by Addison Jane.

Well as I said above, I’m hooked. I completely devoured three of these stories in less than three days. I might need an intervention 😏. Harmony was the perfect character to start out with to introduce us to the Brothers by Blood MC. She was a college student aspiring to find her place in life. I will put in a clause that this is a bit different than most other MC reads because really the club girls aren’t given a lot of notice. I’ve only read one (maybe two) other MC reads where a club girl becomes an Ol’ Lady. That said, it does follow your typical MC reads with the club business, church, and all the issues that come from being in a club. Addison portrayed the Brothers as an MC that stays away from the hard core illegal things. They gain their money by mostly legal ventures and it seems that they are supportive of those working for their businesses as well as the club girls. They look to them as a part of the dysfunctional MC family.
Harmony is a strong girl that comes across as respectful and getting the whole picture of the MC life. While she has her fears which are her emotional wall, she doesn’t let it rule her and keeps to the life she decided to live at the time. She finds her true calling and realizes where home is. Total swoon worthy moment for me was Kit and Harmony playing together. 💖
It was nice to have a spin where one MC prez retired and stepped down as opposed to being killed. It made it very interesting as this story unfolded and with the others. Kit still had his parents around and I found that an aspect that helped make him even more respected. You could see his parents were proud of how he was running the show.

Thank you to the friend that recommended this to me. We have similar tastes and I wasn’t disappointed with this read.
Harmony is a well planned character that knows what she wants and what scares the crap out of her. She is strong and respectful. I like how she stands up for her friends and even the man she loves though is afraid to admit it. She brings a calm about her that has people realizing what a strong person she is. They respect her just as much as she respects them.
Kit is not a prez to mess with. He goes after what he wants and takes what’s his. When he crashes into Harmony’s life it takes huge obstacles to overcome them and get her to be his in every way.
This was a great first story for this series. It pulls you in and leaves you with their conclusion of happy for now. It also makes you immediately dive into book two 🙈😆

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