Love Wrangler

After her Valentine story, I did the eenie, meanie, moe method of selection to check out another book by Dani. I decided Wrangler sounded good from the blurb and downloaded it to my kindle. Let me tell you, I got in to this story and I was like ‘oh no, I know where this is going.’ It was a train wreck and you knew the collision was going to be a fall out like no other but there was nothing to do to stop it. That said, I sometimes wonder in the back of my head if Jessie didn’t have an inkling as to Chad and his past. She’s a smart woman and doesn’t miss a thing.

I enjoyed the emotional journey that Rachel took in growing up and becoming an adult. She had been through so much, but didn’t let it dictate what she wanted out of life. She really didn’t know which I felt was normal for a girl her age. Chad came crashing into her life and I believe they each helped to heal each other. This was a good young adult romance in my mind. They are young and finding a forever love on their journey together. There was sex, but it wasn’t the main point of the book. I found the suspense about knowing what was going to happen exciting and riveting. It kept me turning the page. Jessie was a hoot and she definitely added that motherly wisdom and snark that had you smirking at the page. If you are looking for a HEA with some emotional suspense, then I recommend this book.

This was actually a suspenseful story for me. It wasn’t thriller suspense but emotional suspense. You could see the train wreck coming but could do nothing to stop it. The author did a great job of creating an arc and flowing to the conclusion. It also wasn’t rushed which was perfect. I felt each phase of the plot and story were given enough time to fully cover key points and not leave you hanging.
Rachel just wanted to find her place. She just wanted to be normal. Little did she know that she was perfect for Chad and had everything to offer him. She overcame a lot and he brought out the best in her. She fought for what was right for her and her family. In the end she got the HEA she was searching for.
Chad knew what he wanted and Rachel was it. He took fate by the hand and let it lead him home. I think he found forgiveness and was able to let go of a past that held him prisoner for longer than needed.
This was a great story and I’m glad we also got a sneak peak at their best friends as it evolved as well. I really liked how there was a double epilogue and conclusions were beautiful closed up. It made for a fantastic read.

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