Shave What?!?

This story was refreshingly hilarious. I  was laughing my rear off throughout the entire series. Up there with my fave romcom authors HJ brings a tale of love to life in the most amusing way possible. If there was ever a moment with ‘open mouth insert foot,’ it would happen every time Scout goes to say something. Apparently Olivia has a book which is the tale before this one, but I found Scout first and she didn’t shut up until I finished the book! Don’t worry Olivia, I’ve already grabbed a copy on KU and will read your story of the Big O soon. 😉

While the hilarity ensued throughout the story, there was depth within the characters and a deep sense of longing and need between them. I was so touched by how they learned from the bad, but let the good outweigh any negativity that clouded their doorstep. I’m hoping the custody battle for poor farting Pedro wasn’t detrimental to O and Scout 😂.

I could not put this book down! What a refreshing romantic comedy read. I was laughing throughout most of the story. There were some times that I wanted to hug Scout and just be her best buddy when things got tough and serious but this story was so enjoyable.
Scout is a hoot. I couldn’t keep a straight face on her thinking, antics and actions. She brought so much joy, life and fun into everyone’s life that she touched. I don’t think it could get any more entertaining with her.
Diesel was just what the doctor ordered for scout. He brought joy to her love taco and kept her kitty purring contentedly.
I liked how the serious moments were handled and how they overcome what obstacles landed in their way.
The supporting cast of Olivia and Oren, the lady boner, made for an enjoyable time together. Not to mention Pedro and the on going custody battle. This story was so worth the read. If you are looking for a laugh then check this novel out!

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