HEA Forever

I found this author because someone in the clubhouse I was in on FB was looking for people to read and review her story of An Unexpected Bonding. Well let me tell you. I read that book and was instantly in love with the author’s style of writing and the way she weaved her stories. Here’s a link to my review of An Unexpected Bonding, I highly recommend it.

Now back to Mated Hearts. I kinda (only slightly) stalk Lilly on wattpad. She has some of her stories on there and I’m digging her dragon fantasy. She’s very responsive to comments as well as interacting with her fans. This would be an author I would love to meet at a signing if it was ever possible. I went on wattpad and commented on her post for Mated Hearts and jokingly said I didn’t like her anymore after this read. I’m going to warn you now. If you want hearts, flowers, weddings and such then skip this read. If you want a raw, real, emotional love that knows no limits then snatch this bad boy up. It was short and sweet, but no less powerful of a romance read. The way she wove a tale and gave us a HEA that you will never expect was mind blowing. I was stunned. I think I cursed her a bit and then was like ‘wow, that’s a neat take on soul mate and love’. Definitely check it out as well as her other works.


This is a super short story full of paranormal and instalove soul mate. It was very well written and easy to read. The background of the characters was pretty deep considering how short the story was. I will warn you this is a HEA like no other. It ends in a way that their love survives but you are going to go ‘seriously!!’ I realize this might turn some people off but for me I liked that it broke the mold of HEA’s. It was different and more powerful than a ring and wedding.
Tas is the last of his kind and stumbles upon his soul mate. Paisley is looking for her HEA and finds it in Tas’ arms and soul. It’s fast quick love but no less sweet.

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