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As I typed my review below, I realized how I found the book. After an AR read, it was a recommendation and the cover popped out at me to read. I went in skeptical about liking it but I couldn’t have been more off my mark. This cute, steamy, instalove was just a perfect go between read for me. I finished it in a day and while short and hot, plots and backgrounds were covered very well. I didn’t feel like I was missing anything when I got to the end except more of what Pierce had to offer.
I thought Bonnie’s roommate added to the fun along with the conversations with Gram. It was heartwarming and panty scorching as Pierce came crashing into her life.

Swoon over romantic destinations and dinners as Pierce does all that he can to woo Bonnie and make the payment not one of finality but one that will lead to many more futures together. Fly with Gram as she levels the truth about love and what Bonnie needs to do.
I want to applaud this author for making some really STRONG female characters. Bonnie is smart and working to be a nurse. While helpless in a financial aspect (who isn’t from time to time) she still has brains and a level head on her shoulders. She is just trying to swim and not sink in debt. Her roommate is in fashion school and working towards a goal. More awesome is Bonnie’s Gram is a strong woman that dominated a man’s world. I think that was my most awesome takeaway from this read.

I’m trying to remember how I found this story but I really enjoyed it. There were lots of little things that as I reflect back on it were good. The back story was there, the plot closed up, and a happy for now ending that will leave you saying ‘more sir’.
Gram was a hoot. I always love tales where the Gram is serious, strong, and has a sense of humor. Bonnie’s Gram was no different.
Bonnie is a super smart girl that takes a crazy chance on a website. She then realizes the mistake she made because her heart could get caught up in the process. She fights the attraction to the end all while trying to be what she needs for her Gram and herself. Following her dreams to make them a reality comes at a cost and the payment is something that scares her to give away now without falling in love.
Pierce is so mysterious. You will wonder what his end game is and hope that it’s not toying with Bonnie for kicks and giggles. He ends up shocked by the fact that love found him and he’s too scared to admit it for fear Bonnie just wants her money and will leave. He goes to amazing heights to win her heart over.
Say ‘yes sir’ and grab this steamy romance read.

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