Paying for Love

Well a little background on me. I get bored reading books of the same genre. You will notice that I switch it up within the romance section. MC, Paranormal, sports, romcom, etc. If it draws me in I’ll check it out and read it. I’m not even sure which book I first read of Alexa Riley’s but I loved the guaranteed HEA and sweet romance. There is no cheating, it’s over the top at times, but none the less enjoyable. I like them for their quick reads and it always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.
Their newest release Paying Daddy’s Debt, I took a while to snag. While the title leads you to believe that Jasmine gets bought, it turns out that she gets saved. Ash comes in and rescues her from a worse fate we are lead to believe.

While their stories are quick, we get quite a detailed background on Jasmine and Ash respectively. I liked how they developed a good backstory for them both. I also loved how Ash came with the bat. That was knight in shining armor moment if I’ve ever read it. 💜


So in typical AR fashion this is a hot, dirty, and quick read. It’s full of sickeningly sweet moments that will have you complaining of a tooth ache 💖.
Ash is a man that knows what he wants and he wants the sweet flower Jasmine. He will pull out all the dirty tricks to make her his.
Jasmine while sweet and innocent has had a rough life. When the door closes in her room she notices the window open. Panic takes over as she takes a leap into the arms of what feels right.
This is explosively fast at everything. Story is quick, love is quick, babies are quick. What I did like is even with the quick pace we still get a feel for the background of the characters. We know their fears and strengths. I mean he climbed the stairs carrying her. That was a total swoon worthy moment.
If you don’t like it quick and dirty then this isn’t for you. But if you love AR even a little bit this will have you blushing and smirking as you read.

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